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@zelis82 i had someone ask on a discord server for a 4.86 reverter because they have a 4.86 console in demo mode.

did you make this yourself? if so is patch_shop.tcl for ps3mfw builder still valid because i used that to make a patched pup just to compare to yours and it doesn't match so i'm just curious what you did to make it.


@zelis82 hi, that link from mega is for reverter 4.86? Because her name says 4.68 ir just an error in the numbers? I'm stopped in demonstration mode 4.86 :'( i can't out

@RazorX2018 You had the reverter 4.86? I'm stopped in that demostration mode


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Just what was posted HERE, although it has the 4.86 digits transpired as 4.68 and hasn't been confirmed as working yet since many have a PS4 now and will be moving to PS5 later this year.

If anyone who still owns a PS3 stuck on demo firmware gives it a try let us know your test results thanks!


Firstly sorry for my bad in english

So i just bought a ps3 super slim with demo version (FW 4.66)

Everyting is locked except system update or i can just play game by insert a bd game

And i know the code to unlock the demo version

Can i just update the fw via internet to the latest version?

Or if updating the reverter fw by jump directly to 4.85? since reverter fw 4.46 no more exist anymore

Tks for answering my question
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