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I need the 4.86 reverter for demonstration

What is error 8002f2e4
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@zelis82 i had someone ask on a discord server for a 4.86 reverter because they have a 4.86 console in demo mode.

did you make this yourself? if so is patch_shop.tcl for ps3mfw builder still valid because i used that to make a patched pup just to compare to yours and it doesn't match so i'm just curious what you did to make it.


@zelis82 hi, that link from mega is for reverter 4.86? Because her name says 4.68 ir just an error in the numbers? I'm stopped in demonstration mode 4.86 :'( i can't out

@RazorX2018 You had the reverter 4.86? I'm stopped in that demostration mode
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