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Periodically (as time permits) I will bring some of the useful files and guides from the old site to this one, with today's tutorial covering PS3 Demo Unlock Codes for demonstration models and shop kiosks.

If you have a Demonstration PS3 console, these codes allow you to have full control of the PlayStation 3 features and remove the PS3 Demo Firmware limitations and restrictions.

To unlock your Demo PS3:
  • Go to the PlayStation 3 XMB.
  • Then go to Security Settings.
  • While highlighted, press :sps3l1button: + :sps3r1button: + :sps3selectbutton: + :sps3squarebutton: and it will ask you for a 4-digit code.
  • Then enter the appropriate 4-digit code (from below) and your PS3 will now be unlocked!
PS3 Demo Unlock Codes:

PS3 Demo Firmware Version PS3 Demo Unlock Code
1.5x 5202
1.6x 7568
1.7x 0506
1.8x 7712 or 7259
1.9x 2737
2.01x 0219
2.10x 2464
2.20x 4801
2.30x 6558
2.41x 9015
2.42x 9015
2.50x 6258
2.60x 8783
2.70x 7164
2.80x 7897
3.00x 2310
3.01x 2310
3.10x 5081
3.15x 5081
3.21x 7818
3.30x 3512
3.40x 2998
3.41x 2998
3.50x 2297
3.55x 2297
3.56x 2297
3.60x 1739
3.61x 1739
3.65x 1739
3.66x 1739
3.70x 5138
4.00x 0219
4.10x 2464
4.21x 0000
4.23x 4801
4.30x 6558
4.31x 6558
4.46x 9015
4.50x 6258
4.55x 6258
4.65x 8783
4.66x 8783
4.70x 7164
4.80x 7897
4.81x 7897
4.82x 7897
4.83x 7897
4.84x 7897
4.85x 7897
Also from Viper's PS3 Blogs comes a brief PS3 demo / kiosk re-locking guide as well, to quote: To re-lock the system:
  • Reenter the button sequence
  • Restart the console
  • Update the system firmware.
Notably, the system should re-lock itself after 15 minutes, but [some] demo units will reset or freeze-up in 30 minutes when game-play is initiated. The reason for this is to cease play to those who would normally use the machine for an excessive amount of time in retail stores so other people can play. These codes only work with corporate demonstration models, NOT your commercial retail PlayStation 3 home model.
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