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The PS3ITA Team have just released PS3ITA 4.75 DEX v1.0 PS3 CFW which follows suit after the leak of PlayStation 3 Debug / Test 4.75 Firmware from Sony followed by a 4.80 spoofer below.

Download: PS3UPDAT.PUP.475.001.forDEX.release.20150421 (182.1 MB) / PS3UPDAT.PUP.475.001.forDEX.release.20150421 (Mirror) / ps3ita475.rar (198.7 MB - RAR Password: guinness) / cfw_setup_5.78.2.pkg (20.5 MB) / src_cfw_setup_v5.78.2.rar (19.9 MB)

PS3 Debug / Test PUP MD5 Hash: E0AB2CD332A8B9647EDE83815A80CC39
PS3ITA 4.75 DEX v1.0 MD5 Hash: 5FCBA3230C5C5952A980A42DC93EF180

To quote, roughly translated: CFW PS3ITA 4.75 DEX v1.0

A bit 'late, anyway ..
Ps3ita Team is proud to present: CFW 4.75 PS3ITA DEX v1.0.
CFW just installed is a simple CFW 4.75 DEX BASE ..

  • Added support to films on DVD and BLURAY
  • Possibility to install the CFW on PS3 BD player and Bluetooth card missing
  • Bypass RSOD
  • Boot speeded
  • Possibility of in-game screenshots
  • Possibility of using the "Remote Play" from any PC
  • Support ReactPSN
  • Adding PSN icon
  • The CFW can be installed directly from the XMB from 'OFW / CFW 3:55 DEX and any CFW DEX having the check of' spkg patched (all of our CFW and CFW Rebug ..)
  • Removed ecdsa check from appldr, isoldr, lv1ldr and lv2ldr
  • Removed from the lv2 'appldr memory protection
  • Added syscalls lv2 peek, poke lv2, lv2_lv1 peek, poke lv2_lv1, lv2_lv1 call
  • Added support for the lv1 syscalls lv1 peek, poke lv1 removed and check the version of CoreOS
  • Patched nas_plugin the file to enable the installation of PKG Retail
  • Patched the autodownload_plugin and download_plugin file to allow the installation of the update of the Retail games
  • Patched category_game_tool2.xml to support the plugin Webman
  • Patched the vsh files to add support to ReactPSN, allow d 'effect ScreenShot InGame, enable access to the PSN and speed up your boot.
  • Patched the premo_game_plugin and premo_plugin file to allow the game remotely from any PC
  • Patched UPL.xml the file to enable the installation of the CFW on consoles with BD card and missing bluetooth
..but through the use of the 'latest version of the CFW Setup you can activate several options


1) Install the MAMBA
Mamba adds a lot of features to your CFW:
  • Support to ISO PSP, PSX, PS1, PS2, PS3, DVD, BLURAY
  • Backup Start remotely
  • Automatic plugin Start (sprx) to the console boot (eg. Webman)
  • Support for HD formatted in NTFS
  • Ability to automatically change at the start of the id console console with one of your choice (the id must be entered via the setup program CFW)
  • NOTE: If you do not set any console id the id will be automatically transformed from DEX to CEX to allow access to the PSN.
  • Much more..
2) Ability to re-enable the options "Backup Utility" and "Media Server Connection"
3) Change the id console with one of your choice
4) Restore the original console id
5) Install the spoof to fw 4.78

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to access the PSN installing spoof is mandatory !!

A note that does not concern this CFW, we added the ability to install the spoof also to fw 4.78 on CFW PS3ITA 4.50 DEX (NOT COBRA) and the CFW PS3ITA 4.55 DEX.


Team Rebug, Estwald, NZV, Mysis, Zar (we took from the source of managunz functions to decrypt and encrypt vsh directly on PS3), The Three Musketeeers, Graf Chokolo, failOverflow, Aldo Vargas, Deank, Miralatijera, Naehrwert, KW, thank you very much guys !!

Download: cfw_setup_v5.80.0.pkg (20.5 MB) / src_cfw_setup_v5.80.0.rar (19.9 MB) / mamba.rar (2.0 MB)

PS3ITA 4.75 CFW DEX.jpg



Staff Member
Actually 4.80 now, seems it just got released overnight / this morning ;)

I updated the OP with their 4.80 spoofer now and the mamba backup manager payload also :cool:
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