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Following Sony's previous updates, today they've made available PS3 Firmware Update v4.80 which improves the PlayStation 3 System Software stability with PSN 2-step verification.

Download: PS3 Firmware 4.80 (EU) Update / PS3 Firmware 4.80 (US) Update / PS3 Firmware 4.80 (AU/NZ) Update / PS3 Firmware 4.80 (JP) Update / multiman_480.rar (33.96 MB - 4.78 Renamed to 4.80) / multiMAN_ver_04.78.03_BASE_(20160425).pkg (35 MB) / multiMAN_ver_04.78.03_UPD_CEX_(20160425).pkg (2 MB) via j1ni0r

About PlayStation 3 system software update version 4.80

PS3 system software version 4.80 was released on April 19, 2016. Version 4.80 adds or updates the following features.

New for 4.80
  • This system software update improves system performance.
Here's some additional details from PS4 News: While there is no changelog posted since it's not updated yet on Sony's Official Site, according to it improves PlayStation 3 system stability and fixes a Facebook integration bug in some games including GTA V.

PSN 2-Step Sign-In.jpgFor those curious, according to carlitos92jose: I updated my PS3 superslim and the ode is working the same as 4.78, nothing changed. Updated games works and non updated games don't work.

SEN Enabler v6.0.0 Download: SEN Enabler v6.0.0 [CEX-DEX] [4.80].rar (6.43 MB) / SEN Enabler v6.0.0 [CEX-DEX] [4.80].rar (Mirror) / SEN Enabler v6.0.0 [CEX-DEX] [4.80].rar (Mirror #2) / SEN Enabler v6.0.0 [CEX-DEX] [4.80].rar (Mirror #3)

Improvements v6.0.0
  • Spoof to 4.80 (Online works again)
Download: DUMPS.rar (5.6 MB)

SEN Enabler v6.0.1 Download: SEN Enabler v6.0.1 [CEX-DEX] [4.80].rar (6.4 MB) / SEN Enabler v6.0.1 [CEX-DEX] [4.80].rar (Mirror) / SEN Enabler v6.0.1 [CEX-DEX] [4.80].rar (Mirror #2) / SEN Enabler v6.0.1 [CEX-DEX] [4.80].rar (Mirror #3)

SEN Enabler v6.0.1
  • [Previous] Spoof to 4.80 (Online works again)
  • Fixed bug while changing XMB mode (Empty GAME tab)
If you want to use SEN Enabler on future CFWs 4.80, wait for a new update to add compatibility.

We'll update this article when an official changelog becomes available as always! :)

:arrow: Update: Here are the changes for PlayStation 3 firmware update 4.80:
  • Fixed the removal of Facebook Support
  • Users now have the option to use 2-step authentication for PSN accounts
PS3 Firmware 4.80.jpg
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That sucks, depending on your PS3 model (see HERE) you may be able to downgrade it with a flasher or use a hardware mod (ODE) to get it jailbroken again though.
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