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Following the previous version, PS4Scene developer @MODDEDWARFARE recently updated via Twitter his multi-purpose tool for Jailbroken PS4 Consoles to PS4 AIO v1.9.0 adding 7.02 and 7.55 Firmware Support with help from @XeXSolutions (Twitter) alongside PS4 AIO v1.9.1 with the addition of 9.00 Firmware Support. 🔥

Download: (115.11 MB) / PS4 AIO (56.3 MB) / Mirror

As for the PS4 AIO 1.9.0 changes, in the Tweets below he simply states, "It's just a small update to support higher firmware's."

Similar to the utility's last update, CoD game mod tools, a payload injector, a memory editor, UI editor, Package Merging tool and FTP browser are also included.
PS4 AIO v1.9.0 with 7.02 & 7.55 Firmware Support by MODDED WARFARE.jpg


@sandyy If you haven't read it yet, see HERE for my thoughts on the 'private' PS4 scene... which in my opinion consists of far more than a newer jailbreak.
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