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Proceeding his PS4 Payload Avatar Dumper Test, developer Red-J made available a PS4 Avatar Dumper and Injector (Writer) for 4.55 / 5.05 / 6.72 Firmware jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles. :D

Download: Avatardumper455.bin / Avatar_Dumper505.bin / Avatarinjector455.bin / Avatar_Injector505.bin / 4.55 HTML / 5.05 HTML / GIT / Added to PS4 Playground by EdiTzZ / / GIT

And from the PS4 Avatar Dumper / Writer for 4.55 / 5.05

PS4 Payload Avatar Dumper dumps your Avatars folders from different users. Dumper will create a folder named "Avatar_Backup" to your USB key. In this folder you can find your "0x10..." folders for different users and avatars pictures.

PS4 Payload Avatar Injector read the "Avatar_Inject" folder from your USB key and copy the content of "0x100..." folder from it. When the copy is done, you must change user or reboot the ps4 to view the change.

Fully tested html version on 5.05 and 4.55 100% working, few issue of memory sometimes on 4.55. Binaries versions untested.


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Download: AVtar+PS4-Xplorer.rar (96.08 MB)
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:arrow: Update: From the latest repository file: PS4-AvatarDumperInjector_V2

Avatar Dumper and injector payload for Ps4 v2

This version of payload will work on 4.55 (untested), 4.74 (untested), 5.05 (working) or 6.72 (working).

You must use a bin loader to use it at the moment

The payload will check if an USB key is connected and contain "Avatar_Inject" folder.

Change since v1:
  • The payload loop to wait your usb key
  • The USB port is detected dynamically
  • Avatar_Inject content will be copy to connected user dynamically
  • An avatar backup will be done on usb key before the copy process
When the copy is done, you must change user or reboot the ps4 to view the change.
This code is inspired by history_blocker from stooged Code is compiled with Stooged payload *** It can be ported easily on Scene collective *** but have issue with this *** on my OS.

Greets: Stooged for history blocker and a lot of code who inspired me, Al-Azif for his help, Team eversion for universal fw things, DefaultDNB and all people who work really on ps4 scene and don't just talk ! You know who your are;)

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PS4 Avatar Dumper and Injector for 4.55  5.05 Firmware by Red-J.jpg


Nof useful, but maybe one day this avatar dumper will lead to firnware dumper-replacer, so, any progress is a good one....
This is a Hella Dope PS4 Tool
Forget the others in some ppl
They are a constantly negative
Keep up the damn good work brah
@azoreseuropa wtf. like someone above said whats up with this hostility!!

we gettin buttslammed with all this homebrew, so much homebrew tools that devs can't use the excuse anymore witholding kexploit because "There's no homebrew on PS4". So much of it now what's their excuse for no 5.55.
I would like to know, what homebrew we need on ps4?

Not "it would be nice to have homebrew", rather "homebrew that most of users need"?

Sad truth is, we dont have homebrew becaouse we dont need it. Sure, linux, some emulators, old game ports, even a avatar dumper is great, and i support all the knowledge and effort, but its not really useful.

Multiman, some full working emulator, firmware req bypass, constantly fresh exploit, and yes cfw, thats what most users need and want. But, they will not have it, simply like i said - he who knows is he who dont care about that stuff...

We all have to realize that golden days of p... is gone, and be thankful to these devs, modders and people who do homebrew, no matter how useless they work stand from our point of view. Without them, none of this stuff, great ones (exploit) or meaningless ones, simply wouldn't exist...
I would like to see:

1, Fully fleshed out native media player and a native file manager.

2, Retroarch with far more cores and USB0 support and native emulators.

Overall fun interactive content to use and play: that’s the meaning of homebrew.

IMHO PSVR hombrew could be HUGE!

It could be stuff you’re not interested in, like a comic book reader, or temperature control, or it could be something major like Linux running RCPS3 and a GUI title launcher for managing backups. Whatever.

Firm req bypass won’t happen via homebrew, PSN won’t happen via homebrew.

Little steps.
Well, theres always pc, for everything that i need, for console i want to play, really no need for other usage, but thats just me ;)
I don't see how there isn't a need for an avatar dumper as there may very well be someone who wants to backup their avatar they can't find online, useful tool that spices up the PS4 a bit, useful tool! Glad to see the scene developing good work. Patience had always paid off in this scene.
Nice one buddy thanks
Confusing why some are negative, even if its not something you would use at least appreciate someone is making a effect and helping the community!!
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