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Following JKPatch / MemView, the NetCheat API and PS4 Cheater homebrew application we've seen a resulting PS4 Game-Modding Offsets Drop thread... but today JDsnyke kicked things up a notch initiating a free PS4 Cheat List on Github for PlayStation 4 game modders to share their findings with the community! :notworthy:

Download: / GIT /

Hopefully others will join in and fork it pushing current changes, and to quote from the in part: PS4 Cheat Code / Offset List

List of PS4 cheat codes / offsets found for either PS4Cheater or NetCheatPS4


All codes belong to their respective owners. I am merely gathering them here for ease of use.

I do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy nor the reliability of either these programs / software nor of these codes / offsets.

I nor the original publishers of these codes are to be blamed for any issues that arise with their use.

In other words, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Original threads found here, here and here on the psxhax forum.


I will update at my pace. What I have here is mostly incomplete and untested.

Feel free to Fork and maintain your own versions. (Or even Push your Changes!)

Thanks to @Shurikan117 for the heads-up HERE on this collaboration project! <3
PS4 Cheat List Listing of PS4 Cheat Codes  Offsets on Github.jpg



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Thank you so much, yes when you have time if you could make a liltte video, this would be great, because infinite energy will make this game really fun! Thanks again for you work! ^_^


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These are BloodBorne CUSA00207 Ver 01.02 codes.
Inf Health and Max Inf Souls should work flawlessy, i must fix Inf Energy cause sometimes dont work after changing level.

simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@53DFF510_2_20F510+28+28+A0+158+C0+0+3B0+20+F8|data|4 bytes|9999|0|Inf Health|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@53D491A8_2_1591A8+308+8+C0+8+10+10+188+60+134|data|4 bytes|200|0|Inf Energy|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@53EDEBE0_2_2EEBE0+0+20+8+B8+8+8+120+8+3D0+FFFFFFFFFFFFFEC4|data|4 bytes|999999999|0|Max Inf Souls|


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Maintaining the PS4 Cheat List alone is not an easy endeavor. Thus to make things easier for me, I am looking for someone to join me in maintaining this list on github.

Requirements :
  • Must have joined github
  • Must know how to use github (site), github desktop or git
  • Must know how to use a text editor like atom or notepad ++
  • Must know how to use Markdown language
What you get :
  • Direct collaborator access to the PS4 Cheat List Github repo
Your role :
  • Peruse psxhax and the ps4 cheater discord (and other sites, if any) for the latest cheats / offsets at least once per day
  • Contact authors for full details on title id, update version, firmware version and ps4cheater version
  • Link original posts on github (reference links), etc.
I will still update the repo of course, but limit my updates for a while. With my other real life obligations, going through the forums is a pain, trust me. Contact me by tagging me on psxhax or pm me on discord (Animated2Monkey#2949).


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These are BloodBorne CUSA00207 Ver 01.02 codes.
Inf Health and Max Inf Souls should work flawlessy, i must fix Inf Energy cause sometimes dont work after changing level.

here it is the fixed codes sorry guys this works fine for this version. Next one I will hack is the goty edition I'm on it.

simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@32A6B510_2_20F510+28+28+A0+158+C0+0+3B0+20+F8|data|4 bytes|9999|0|Inf Health|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@32A5C610_2_200610+90+20+1700+C0+10+128+C0+0+3B0+20+134|data|4 bytes|200|0|Inf Energy|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@32B4ABE0_2_2EEBE0+0+20+8+B8+8+8+120+8+3D0+FFFFFFFFFFFFFEC4|data|4 bytes|999999999|0|Max Inf Souls|


Can someone look into Digimon World: Next order? I can't seem to find cheats for it at all.

it is Digimon World: Next Order - CUSA05469 - v 1.0

Thank you.


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Hi mates this is for Bloodborne Game of the year edition CUSA03173 VER:01.00

- Inf health
- Inf Energy (speed, attack)
- Inf Souls (Echoes)
- Inf Intuition Points
- Inf Bullets (shotguns)
- Inf Molotov
- Inf Knives
- Inf Blood Stone Slivers (to improve weapons)

simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@5E8BB8F0_2_20F8F0+0+C0+0+0+C0+28+8+3B0+20+F8|data|4 bytes|1900|0|Inf Health|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@5E8AA068_2_1FE068+100+60+0+A0+108+C0+0+3B0+20+138|data|4 bytes|200|0|Inf Energy|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@5E99AE20_2_2EEE20+0+110+10+D0+70+A8+8+120+8+94|data|4 bytes|999999999|0|Inf Souls|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@5E8030D0_2_1570D0+100+148+0+10+C0+8+50+10+68+84|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf Intuition Points|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@5E812038_2_166038+1C0+18+B8+30+10+38+8+18+218+D8|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf Bullets|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@5E8030D0_2_1570D0+110+60+4A0+50+3D0+8+18+218+1D8|data|4 bytes|99|0|Inf Knives|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@5E8AA7A0_2_1FE7A0+178+C0+0+68+30+8+18+218+108|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf Items Molotov|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@5E8030D0_2_1570D0+38+10+68+5A0+148+218+128|data|4 bytes|99|0|Inf Blood Stone Sliver|


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Hi @Shiningami i started game from scratch but even if i pur molotov on other slot the amount stay the same this means that each item has got hos own value. Let me know if it works fine and hope you enjoy the game
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