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Based on the Debug Watch utility by jogolden (Twitter) and the PS4Debug 6.72 Fork by GiantPluto (Twitter), recently I (aka withmetta) recompiled PS4 Debug Watch and got it working on PlayStation 4 6.72 Firmware with support available in the NidusGaming Discord Channel.

Download: Debug Watch 6.72 (Latest Version) / / GIT

I've made some feature enhancements and it seems to be working alright, but I'd like to get some testers.

.NET 4.71 is required as is Giant Pluto's ps4debug.bin payload. Everything else is included.

Thank you.

From the PS4-debug-watch

This is debug watch reversed/recompiled working with GiantPluto's PS4debug for 6.72.

Requires .NET 4.7.1 and Giant Pluto's payload.



  • Working version of debug watch for 6.72.
  • Fixed bugs which was causing the program to crash or for data not to appear properly. Still a lot of fix.
  • Fixed bug so breakpoints are now working.
  • Big performance improvements when doing first time scan. Interface no longer become unresponsive while doing first or second scan.
  • Progress bar now updates as scanning is being performed.
  • Interface locks while scan is being performed.
  • Fixed bug where if the user went to exit the program and the ps4 object had not been set, an exception would occur.
PS4 Debug Watch App Port for 6.72 Firmware via Withmetta.jpg



@Badman1200 It's kind of like Cheat Engine where you can search for memory, disassemble it, and put breakpoints on different memory regions. I reversed and recompiled my version from the original closed-source executable, then updated the calls to libdebug to work with the API changes GiantPluto made.

It's still pretty buggy so please post your issues here, on Github, or the NidusGaming Discord. I'm doing my best to maintain it.

1. Launch JB on PS4.
2. Launch bin loader on PS4.
3. Use netcat to send ps4debug.bin payload to PS4 from your computer.
4. Connect to PS4 in Debug Watch.
5. Launch Mira on PS4.
6. Launch game on PS4.
7. Select "eboot.bin" process from drop-down in Debug Watch. Click R button in Debug Watch to update process list.
8. Click "Attach" in Debug Watch.

You can now search through memory, set breakpoints, etc. in Debug Watch.

Peek - Update view of memory.
Poke - Send change made to memory to PS4.


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> RDR 2 mods
red dead redemption 2 uses the same game type (RPF, etc) as GTA V, so mods are super highly unlikely (at least by the OpenIV team....)


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I wish somebody could teach me how to use this tool, I was finally about to get it connect to my ps4 I have no idea how to find values with it.


After first scan, all buttons are disabled. Is there a tutorial for Debug Watch?

Important to know, giant pluto's payload doesn't work with Mira unofficial, the game crashed.
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