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Proceeding the PS4 SAA / SAB HDMI Patch PCB for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) PlayStation 4 console modders, those seeking to modify their current DualShock 4 USB-Micro Circuit Board upgrading the PS4's DS4 Controller to the new industry standard USB-C type can now do so for around $20 thanks to Marius Heier of (mariusheier on Twitter) noting some plastic from the controller needs to be removed with a rotary tool such as a Dremel to fit the bigger connector. šŸŽ®

To begin, locate the JDS number for your controller on the bottom of the USB-micro circuit board following the instructions linked below... only the JDS-55 / JDS-50 version is currently available for the PS4Scene, with the JDS-001, JDS-011, JDS-030 and JDS-040 coming soon:
Then check-out on the webshop page above, or from his or pages.

Why did you make it?

For some reason, Sony doesn't want to add the USB-C connector to the PS4 controller. The USB-C connector has been here for many years now.

The original usb-micro connector that comes with the PS4 controller does not last very long. So I made a circuit board that has a USB-C connector. I published a video about this on my YouTube channel and I got a lot of requests from people who wanted to buy it.

I developed a custom open-source version of the board that was possible to order directly from JLCPCB. However, this requires you to buy a minimum of 5 boards. Many people wanted just one. And my original idea was to just provide people with designs and not finished hardware. However, I'm changing that with this Tindie store. Link to my open-source version here:


Assembly of PS4 USB-C Circuit Board

What makes it special?

My PS4 USB-C circuit board has all the same types of components as the original Sony one. Like common mode filter for noise suppression. And let's not forget the fuse for safety.

All boards are tested and cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner before they ship.

:note: FAQ:

Who makes and sells this?

It's me. Marius Heier. I'm a product developer from Norway, and I hand make the circuit board in my home workshop.

Will USB-C make my controller faster?

No. Changing the connector will not make the controller faster. Only more mechanically strong.

Does it fit all types of PS4 controller?

There is a separate board for each controller. Currently I only sell for the newest controller, JDS50 and JDS55. The rest is coming.

How do I secure the board to the controller?

Use the same original screw as with the original board to attach it to the controller.

Is this an original circuit board?

This circuit board, this website, has no affiliation with Sony at all. This is an unoriginal board.

Do you have other shipping options?


Still got questions? Jump into the discord and ask
Finally, there are many more related videos on Marius Heier's YouTube Channel with the latest below:
USB-C Conversion PS4 / DS4 Controller
PS4 DualShock 4 (DS4) Controller USB-C Circuit Board Mod by Marius Heier 2.jpg

PS4 DualShock 4 (DS4) Controller USB-C Circuit Board Mod by Marius Heier.jpg

PS4 DualShock 4 (DS4) Controller USB-C Circuit Board Mod by Marius Heier.png



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Was about to make the same, but man... the price is a ripoff. Will wait until some chinese guys copy these and sell them dirt cheap, like they do with everything.