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PS4 Extreme 1.76 RTM Tool (WIP) with Source Code by Vultra.jpg

Welcome to PS4Extreme

Here is an all-in-one Tool that I have been working on in my own time, with this source people can adapt to it with its open source code allowing to add more features to it, also this is using DevExpress which was cracked but shows the trial promote before each run some odd reason.


COD: Ghosts
Offset Changer
IP Changer
+ More

Some off the elements don't have a code to it as like i said its half baked and I don't really have the time to adapt to it that's why I am releasing the source.


1Q: How do i edit the offsets?
1A: By Going to "Tools" and then clicking on "Offsets Changer" Which will show a notepad window.
The offsets are stored in the Config.ini File which can be adapted to add more offsets or just update :)

2Q: How can i change the ip on the Tool?
2A: There is Three ways off editing it, either going to the tools Menu on the tool and click "PS4 IP Settings" This will prompt a IP Form for you to fell out that will auto update the Config.ini.
Second Option: you can just go into the root directory off where you have saved the RTM Tool and just edit the config.ini.
Third Option: "Tools" then Click "Offset Changer"

3Q: How to Write/Read from .ini file?
3A: ini.IniReadValue is only for Buttons as its reading from the offsets located in the config.ini and not actually writing to it.
ini.IniWriteValue is only needed for the "PS4 IP Settings" as it will write the chosen IP you wanted into config.ini automatically

Example Reading an offset from config.ini:

ini.IniReadValue("ghostsoffsets", "uav"), "0xFF"); <- This will read from the config.ini file under Tab "ghostsoffsets" then the following offsets it looking for.
The Value after UAV Represents the on and off byte which don't read from the config.ini and has to be manual added to the code due to the way PS4Me.dll Is configured.

if (ghostsuavcheck.Checked)
                PS4.writeMemory(ini.IniReadValue("ghostsoffsets", "uav"), "0xFF");
                PS4.writeMemory(ini.IniReadValue("ghostsoffsets", "uav"), "0x00");
Writing IP to config.ini

This code represents reading the IP from the Text-box located in ipform.cs then it will located the [PS4] Category, and write the IP into the [Host] Section.

ini.IniWriteValue("ps4", "Host", ps4iptextBox.Text);
PS4 Extreme 1.76 RTM Tool (WIP) with Source Code by Vultra.png


{} (31.11 MB) / {PS4Extreme.rar} (Mirror) /
{PS4Extreme.rar} (Mirror #2)

Note: I wish to be credited if anyone uses this source.
Download: Sce.Vsh.Np.Common.dll (76 KB)
PS4 4.55 (Files after loading .elf) Download: Ps4update1.Pup.dec (196.5 MB) / Ps4update2.Pup.dec (127.6 MB) via ppp222ppp (Twitter) with masterzorag additions / PS4 PUP_Decrypt GIT
Z80's PS4 Payload for Hito Playground: ps4-pup_decrypt_retail_usb (72 KB) / ps4-pup_decrypt_retail_usb.elf (Mirror)
PS4 4.73 Update Decrypted Download: ps4 (323.3 MB) / ps4-pup_unpack-master.rar (911 KB) / Firmware_4.55_Decrypted.rar (322.7 MB) via e✘treme / exfat.rar (147.9 MB) via xxmcvapourxx / PS4_Binaries_1.76_DEC.rar (65.2 MB) / ps4-pup_decrypt.bin (16 KB) / Firmware_1.76_Decrypted.rar (184.1 MB) / PS4UPDATE_3.55.rar (2) / PS4UPDATE_4.01.rar (2) / PS4UPDATE_DEC_4.07.rar (2) / PS4UPDATE_DEC_4.71.rar / PS4UPDATE_455beta_DEC.rar (322.7 MB) / PS4UPDATE_455beta_DEC.rar (Mirror) via Ginsor and X41
PS4 Elf Decryption (libSceFont.prx & libSceFont.sprx)

Download: libSceFont.prx (58 KB) & libSceFont.sprx (64 KB)
PS4 4.71 Firmware Decrypted Devkit Pup File. Thanks to ZiLo for examining it!

│   │   eula.xml
│   │   orbis_swu.self
│   │   system_fs_image.bin
│   │   wlan_firmware.bin
│   │
│   ├───devices
│   │       13__sflash0s0x32b.bin
│   │       14__sflash0s0x33.bin
│   │       3328__sc_fw_update0.bin
│   │       3329__cd0.bin
│   │       3330__da0.bin
│   │       3336__sc_fw_update0.bin
│   │       4__sflash0s1.cryptx2b.bin
│   │       5__sflash0s1.cryptx3b.bin
│   │       7__da0x2.bin
│   │       8__da0x3.crypt.bin
│   │
│   ├───tables
│   │       3 for 257.bin
│   │       30 for 5.bin
│   │       32 for 6.bin
│   │       34 for 8.bin
│   │       36 for 7.bin
│   │       38 for 3337.bin
│   │       5 for 514.bin
│   │       9 for 3329.bin
│   │
│   └───unknown
│           32.bin
│           33.bin
│           3337.bin
│           34.bin
│           35.bin
│           36.bin
│           37.bin
│           38.bin
│           39.bin
│           40.bin
│           42.bin
│           43.bin
│           44.bin
│           45.bin
│           46.bin
│   │   eula.xml
│   │   orbis_swu.self
│   │   system_ex_fs_image.bin
│   │
│   └───tables
│           3 for 257.bin
│           5 for 514.bin
│           7 for 12.bin
│   │   eula.xml
│   │   orbis_swu.self
│   │   recovery_fs_image.bin
│   │
│   └───tables
│           3 for 257.bin
│           5 for 514.bin
│           7 for 9.bin
    │   eula.xml
    │   orbis_swu.self
    │   preinst_fs_image.bin
            3 for 257.bin
            5 for 514.bin
            7 for 11.bin
Example of a virgin ps4's OS backup area. there's an encrypted chunk at 0x9C0000 that seems to have something inside: sflash0s1.cryptx3b_JIG.bin (12.8 MB) / sflash0s1.cryptx3 / sflash0s1.cryptx3b (12.8 MB - PS4 1.76, CRYTPX3/B Files)

This is a normal bank, same version as the JIG bank. as you can see, no encrypted area, just zero padding inside: sflash0s1.cryptx3_normal.bin (12.8 MB)



why don't you just host the whole thing as a github project tho? that way people can make pull requests 'n crap and contribute to your code

plus you'll have version control which you always should have


Senior Member
why don't you just host the whole thing as a github project tho? that way people can make pull requests 'n crap and contribute to your code

plus you'll have version control which you always should have
Like I said I'm not finishing it anymore so anyone else can have the source cause I'm done with it
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