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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jan 24, 2022 at 3:52 PM       14,647       50      
Proceeding Hippie68's PS4 Dump Scripts, CyB1K's PS4 Fake PKG Tools 3.87 V5 update and his PPSA PS4 DLC Unlocker modification PS4Scene developer @codemasterv (aka @mogicodemasterv) let us know he recently updated his Github repository with an FPKG Maker GUI for PlayStation 4 Base Game / Patch / DLC / Keystone files via PS4 FPKG Tools alongside a demo video of it in action. 🤩

Download: fPKG_Maker_GUI_v1.1.0 (Latest Version) / / GIT

It currently supports CUSA, STRN, SNES, HMBW, SLUS and NPSX Title ID prefixes and can dump any running app / PSXtoFPKG / PS2toFPKG / STRNtoFPKG / Homebrew / NPSX with some brief usage notes from the README file below:
  • You need to be on Windows 10 or preferably Windows 11 with its more simplified Windows Subsystem Linux. Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 will not work with this tool.
  • All fields need to be filled out before the patch will build properly, meaning fill out the base game information first before trying to build the patch for the base game.
  • Using DLC Unlocker: To use this unlocker tool go to the PlayStation store and find your DLC. Copy the link in your link bar and paste it into the text box below the example link and click build. This will output the file to the directory in the log window:
PS4 FPKG Maker GUI for Base Game Patch DLC Keystone Files 2.png

  • WSL Ubuntu 20.04 Required: If not insalled already, be sure to install WSL2 Ubuntu 20.04 via the button in the bottom left corner of the program. Or, install from the Windows App Store. This program requires that version!
Be sure to check the README file on Github for additional details and updates as they become available, and below is a demonstration video from Code masterv's YouTube Channel:

fPKG_Maker_GUI Demo Video

Video of fPKG_Maker_GUI with dump and install

PS4 FPKG Maker GUI for Base Game Patch DLC Keystone Files.png



@mogicodemasterv I think this line is also needed because dos2unix couldn't be located after the wsl install
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\ubuntu2004.exe run -e sudo apt update -y
You should give the temp folder batch a try it's a great script.
All it does is change the temp folder for "orbis-pub-gen.exe" to the folder you specify (in case there was not enough space in the C drive for building the fPKG) for that single launch of the orbis-pub-gen.exe executable.

It's not persistent so you need to start orbis-pub-gen.exe through it whenever you want to build a fPKG.


I saw this thread and while it seems like a great program I noticed two things about it:

First, it seems to be windows only and second the application is just a front-end for a ton of different batch scripts and console applications.

This inspired me to start trying to write a cross-platform solution for doing the same thing, but i'd rather turn all the batch scripts and random console tools into libraries to integrate cleanly into my program.

So, this is my design so far:


Ignore the wine output, when I started I thought I was going to try and use the massive pile of random windows scripts and tools to accomplish fpkg generation.

My question is, are the tools for generating gp4 files and fpkg's open source somewhere?

I would like to turn these tools into libraries so that I can integrate them into my program cleanly and also if they are ever updated it would be fairly simple to patch these libraries with the updates.