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I can't mount god of war save of other guys, but can mount my 1st account save for 2nd account !

why I can't mount other saves in net ??!


@hejran7 Hi, I have been playing doom but I have encountered a game breaking bug where if I try to continue from where I left off I am presented with a headless third person model with 0 health. I can not move and therefore can not proceed to do anything.

I am not able to restart the mission from the beginning either. The only option I would have would be to start the game from the beginning again... Is there a complete save anyone would be kind enough to upload so that I can carry along from the mission selection menu instead?

Would be so grateful. Thanks

looks likes this...


Thien Tran

Senior Member

Your posted game saved not finished yet. and when i create new game Give Me God Of War i start with zero HS and zero XP.

God Of War 4_CUSA07408
Game completed on normal 100%
Give Me God Of War Unlocked
New Game on Give Me God Of War u start with 1000000000 HS + 100000000 XP
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