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I was wondering if someone here can help me out. I have started playing Diablo 3 ROS (CUSA 00433) but the difficulty is way too low.

The game doesnt allow me to go higher than Expert without a level 70 character. I was wondering if anyone can share their save which has atleast one level 70 character so that I can use that to start a game at higher difficulty.

Thank you in advance


@msankadi no worries, i'll upload it after work, i have 2 or 3 saves one of which was modded quite considerably, All characters are level 70, 499 bounties completed, modded hardcore and regular characters, 105 billion XP each kill netting 200 paragon. be in about 45 minutes


@benbird thanks a lot.. Yours is a decrypted save right? I am doing it for the first time but i tried to mount and I think I was able to find the right mount folder using the save mounter 1. 5 version.. I would start a new game at a higher difficulty level than expert and experience the campaign in challenging manner

Hi @benbird any luck?
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