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@Makhdum were you successful in importing real names from PC to PS4 in Ashaes Cricket.
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:arrow: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (1.5+2.5) CUSA-05786 100% Save

Mounted with PS4 Save Mounter
KingdomHearts2Save.rar (6.6 MB)

Game Notes:
Due to how KH save system works, the SaveFile has (3) In-game saves.

Slot 1: Standard mode - Clear Save, Ultima Weapon, All Post game content complete, Journal 100%, All Synthesis, *Gummi routes and blueprints required for trophies are complete*
Slot 2: Standard mode - Save right before end game battle, Ultima Weapon, journal 96% complete, post game content not completed (obviously)
Slot 3: CRITICAL mode - Clear Save, Ultima, All Secret Endings, All Post game content complete, Journal 100%, All Synthesis, MODDED stats, very high STR, MAGIC, DEF, EXTRA ACCESSORY SLOTS

I can confirm using Slot 3, will net you the Critical and Proud trophies if you need them. Just complete the end game battle again and it will pop after credits. Journal trophies *should* unlock when visiting the journal categories individually. Not sure how gummies will work, maybe try hoping into a route / the editor on the corresponding save slot. Good luck!

I also have:
  • Bloodborne CUSA-00207 100% All trophy save, All DLC 100% and trophy
  • God Of War CUSA-07410 100% All trophy save, Spartan Difficulty
  • Shadow of the Colossus CUSA-08809 100% Trophy save, Hard+3 Save, All Items, Swords / Time attacks etc
I will look into mounting these if anyone wants them :)

:arrow: Shadow of the Colossus CUSA-08809 100% Save

Mounted with PS4 Save Mounter
ShadowOfTheColossusSave.rar (6 KB)

Game Notes:
  • Hard+3
  • Max Stats
  • All Collossi Defeated
  • All Items
  • All Coins
  • All Swords / Time attacks etc
  • All Trophies
Thats all, off the top of my head. I decided to upload this one following my last post because I'd like someone to test it. Mounting it was a bit interesting as in PS4 Save Mounter's search it netted two different categories for Shadow of the Colossus.


The profile data being a smaller file, of the same name when I mounted them both (separately) and viewed via FTP. I am unsure if both of these files are required. I assume the profile data is local. Therefore, I have extracted the SAVEDATA0ShadowProgress0 and provided it, as this is the search that provided clear game information in PS4 mounter. If anyone downloads, please let me know if it works. I have the Profile0 data ready to be provided if the above alone fails.


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so does it mean save wizard wont be used, im new or well intrested in modding my ps4 i have a 5.05 two ps4 and never bothered to mod it i just unwrapped a 2yr old ps4 pro so i hit the jackpot lol excited



Thanks for the saves. I've just import the Shadow of the Colossus one but I get continuosly error on the auto save process. Still, the save works. Please, can you share the profile save? I'll import to my profile and see if the error message disappear.

@InfeXous nevermind. After restarting and deleting profile data from settings (showing as corrupted data), I've loaded your save and new profile was created. No more errors.

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