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Over the weekend PS4Gentoo has been busy working on some PS4 Kernel 5.3.1 and Overlay updates for Gentoo Linux on PlayStation 4. šŸ”„

Download: / PS4 Kernel GIT / / PS4 Overlay GIT / initramfs.cpio.gz (2.0 MB) / gentoops4kdebeta7.tar.xz (3.40 GB) via @cedsaill4 on Twitter

According to the the PS4 kernel 5.3.1 for Gentoo on PS4 is currently a work-in-progress (WIP), and from the PS4 Overlay to quote: PS4-Overlay

PS4-overlay for gentoo

thanks to

fail0verflow team & psxita team (arch drivers)

Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up via Twitter earlier on! šŸ»

PS4 Kernel 5.3.1 and Overlay Updates for Gentoo Linux in Development.jpg


Patryck Leite

Well, I copied all the necessary files to a USB stick and loaded the payload, but I can only get to the part of rescueshell, how to proceed from here? What commands are required to perform the installation? Thank you all!
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