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When initially released last June we missed doing an article covering it, but for those who fancy using single keyboard inputs to control the PS4 check out the CECPS4 Linux scripts on Github by Minimurti if you haven't done so already. 🐧

Download: / GIT

Here are some additional details from the CECPS4

:arrow: This Project has been moved over here:

Liinux scripts used to control PS4 with single keyboard inputs.

The following three files are ran at startup on my Raspberry Pi to control my PS4 via cec commands, using noral keyboard input. "test" must be used as a startup script to run exactly when the devise is turned on. It will only work if it is run at startup. (Or if no other terminals have been opened.)

You will need the following utilities for it to work
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CECPS4 PS4 Linux Scripts with Single Keyboard Inputs by Minimurti.jpg


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