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Here's a PS4 Linux on Slim installation guide from ecHs, to quote: Hi everyone,

i have successfully started linux on my CUH-2016B slim.

here is what i have done so far (and the problem that remains: video output):

1. compile a ps4pro compatible kernel
  • there has been a bug on newer linux/gcc versions but other then that it was straightforward
# we only need latest commit from the pro branch
$ git clone  fail0verflow + ps4-linux.git --branch=ps4pro --single-branch --depth=1
# apply fix for ilog2 bug (see git:kernel:org pub + scm + linux + kernel + git + torvalds + linux.git + commit + ?id=474c90156c8dcc2fa815e6716cc9394d7930cb9c), needed to build on newer linux versions
# just apply the attached patch

# copy old kernel config over
# linux + master + scripts + extract-ikconfig
$ extract-ikconfig bzImage > .config

# check config and build
$ make menuconfig
$ make
2. update initramfs to include static networking and a reverse shell
  • sets eth0 to a static IP address and for the sake of simplicity i just generated some initramfs for common IPs.
  • The PS4 IP will always be .245 (e.g. for 192.168.0 it will be
  • on your Host you have to open Port 1337 and the IP has to be .244 (you can change that inside the initframfs if you know how)
This is currently working but i have no video output yet. maybe someone can look into this.

In theory this should work on all models that had problems before (12xx / 20xx / 70xx) but i only have a CUH-2016B Slim with 4.05.

I will try to boot the modified fedora image and see if i can do anything about the video output. maybe an usb DisplayLink adapter will work for now.

Also the loader did not work 1/3 of the time, but you can see if it did by checking the power LED. once linux is loaded it should be blue with white pulses every 2 seconds.

  • copy bzImage and a initramfs.cpio.gz file that matches your network (or setup your Host accordingly), (make sure to rename initramfs.cpio.gz)
  • use normal PS4 Linux Loader payload (as an exploit i used IDC)
  • open Port 1337 with netcat
nc -l -p 1337 </dev/stdin
  • once PS4 linux has started you should see a shell prompt in your terminal! :)

includes kernel image and initramfs for 192.168.0.X / 192.168.1.X / 192.168.2.X / 10.0.0.X networks
  • (13.9 MB)
  • MD5 af5f285287a2c19bef16c3c9e614bb4f
  • SHA256 169d12a5a2f4a9e5cc263522c4dd2717fd5774c47c03356f5c03eb99a3f4118b
# updated kernel for Slim (ID 9923)
  • bzImage (5.4 MB)
  • MD5 9d7cf3c18e7807a679291ffd363dc7df
  • SHA256 dd6ca032ac079c605b9d9c40fe73d8b03023028195155a5cc37d3381269a1d94








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Thanks for the heads-up on this @Ps4ProGamer! (y)

I moved it to a separate thread and re-linked it so those with a PlayStation 4 Slim who give it a try can report their results here, as the other thread focuses more on Fedora with Steam and emulators versus trying to get 4.05 PS4 Linux working on a Slim.


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I just made a link somewhere forgot really from the gbatemp source I have no effort in making this thread rofl ;) I was like what how did this happen? lol but thanks psxhax (y) for posting this hopefully we can get linux running on those slims :)


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How it happened is by following the Rules, specifically this one:
  • No spam / recruiting: include linked content referenced in your post
What that means is, blind links without any content or value added is a no no... so the guide was included with the GBATemp link to fulfill this requirement.

In other words, those who are lazy and just spam links will find their posts updated by the Staff to comply with the rules here. ;)


This weekend i try on ps4 slim and ps4pro but i have zone question: ps4slim and ps4pro have a same CPU but different clock, why haven't 2 type of kernel

shimon albo

Linux don't work on PS4 models CUH-12xx (fat), CUH-2xxx (slim) and CUH-7xxx (pro) because they have the same HDMI decoder chip (MN864729 from Panasonic).

This chip is so confidential that no one around me has managed to find drivers, information or datasheet (even on internet)

Solve this problem may make Linux able to run on any PS4 model.


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Another update via FabOne from eeply:
PSXITArch Linux based on Arch Linux:

:arrow: Below are some RPCS3 emulator videos from SOUNDTRICK on YouTube via deadfortoday:

Dragon Quest Builders RPCS3 ON PS4 LINUX
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch RPCS3 ON PS4 LINUX
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