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Who will win Super Bowl 53 tonight?

  • New England Patriots

    Votes: 18 58.1%
  • Los Angeles Rams

    Votes: 13 41.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
As those interested in American football gear up for tonight's big Super Bowl LIII (53) game where the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams square off, following his CoD: Black Ops 3 PS4 Online LAN System release PlayStation 4 developer @theorywrong has made available via Twitter the first commit of a PS4 OpenGL PSSL Pre-Compiled Shader Dumper for scene devs and homebrew enthusiasts to utilize. :geek:
Download: / GIT

From the, to quote: ShaderDumper

PS4 OpenGL PSSL Pre-Compiled Shader Dump

You need to use ./ps4link and OrbisLink GL and set OrbisGL AND Orbis2D to 1 in config.ini

:arrow: Also available today is a Sync Simple PS4 port from tijesef2 that was originally made by Xeronixworks (Twitter).

Download: SY0000-SYNC00001_00-SYNCSIMPLEPS4000.PKG (13.3 MB)

To quote from his Reddit post: SYNC SIMPLE port to PS4

Sync Simple is a game made by Xeronixworks. It's available for Windows, iOS, Android, PSVita (my port). And now for your 5.05 PS4.

  • O - start.
  • X - shoot.
  • OPTIONS - Pause, and then X, O, TRIANGLE, SQUARE or OPTIONS to unpause.
Gameplay video (PC Version)

Hello to Aurora (The_Zett), YellowAfterlife, and Denis (for testing, I don't have 5.05 PS4)

Sync Simple - PS4 Homebrew Port - Fail Gameplay via GregoryRasputin
PS4 OpenGL PSSL Pre-Compiled Shader Dumper by TheoryWrong.jpg


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