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Recently PlayStation 4 developer Duxa (aka @Chrushev) made available a PS4 PKG Repackager which allows you to repackage fake patch update PKGs to work with your games on a jailbroken PS4 console. ;)

Download: Duxa's PS4 patch repackager (2.21 MB) / Duxa's PS4 patch repackager (Mirror) / Duxas PS4 patch repackager (3.78 MB) / Duxa's PS4 patch repackager (Mirror) / Duxa's PS4 patch repackager (Mirror #2) / Duxas PS4 patch repackager / Duxas PS4 patch repackager

Here's what Chrushev had to say on the release, to quote: Hi all,

Few things off the bat:

1. I wrote this for myself in order to automate the tedious part of repackaging (see below as to what it does).

2. I tested it on Win 10 and Win 7, both worked for me but this was not tested beyond my machines, so please report any problems

3. Please do not tell me it has a exploit, some obscure exploit scanners mark it with a false positive (probably because its not a signed exe). It does not have a exploit, I do not want to mine crypto with your machines, nor am I interested in your personal info. There is no exploit... all mainstream AVs mark it as clean. If you dont trust it, dont use it (good rule to follow in general). exploit report is available here and you are of course welcome to run your own.

4. Do not ask what the passcode is for your package. Try the default (simply press enter), if it doesnt work then you may be SOL. No one knows what it is other than the original pkg creator. Everyone should use the all zero default.

Now to the good stuff...

What is this thing?

Its nothing more than an automation tool. It unpacks a fake update .pkg for you and prepares it to be repackaged.

Why would you want to do that?

Because there is a requirement that update pkg is created with the same image that you have installed. Matching CUSA is not enough. So for example, if you and your friend both live in London. You both have UK version of Horizon Zero Dawn, same exact CUSA. You go home and create a .pkg of the game, and your friend creates .pkg of the update on his console. That update will not work with your .pkg. It is imperative that the update pkg is created off of the exact game pkg that it will be installed on.

PS4 scene is young, a lot of dumps are done without updates, and you cant simply create an update later (not easily). To "fix" this, we can repackage the update with the game .pkg that you have (even if it was not created from that pkg) and the update will work. NOTE: CUSA of game pkg and update pkg still HAS TO match!

Will this allow me to run updates that require higher FW that mine (4.55 at this time)?


Can I use this with official update files?

No! This is only for fake pkg updates. This essentially re-pairs the fake pkg update to a new master fake pkg game

What is required?

You will need:
  • .pkg of the game
  • .pkg update (with matching CUSA)
  • this program
  • gengp4 v1.8 or later (google for it)
  • orbis-pub-gen (google for it)
What is the process?
  1. Put this program in the same folder as the update .pkg, to avoid headaches please make sure there are no spaces in the pkg names
  2. Run the program. It will ask you for the 5 digit CUSA
  3. It will then ask you for the pkg name (remember to use Tab to auto complete, if you dont know how that works, enter first few letters and press Tab... handy for long names. Will only work if in the same directory.)
  4. You will be asked for passcode. The default is already coded in, so press Enter without entering anything. Alternatively you can enter one.
  5. The program will execute (timing depends on the size of pkg, about 2 min per Gb from my testing, it will give an estimate).
  6. If all goes well green text will appear with remaining instructions you have to do manually with gengp4 and orbis-pub-gen. Luckily these are just a few clicks. I do a lot of checks during the process, if something is wrong you will get an error.
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PS4 PKG Repackager to Repackage Fake Updates by Duxa (Chrushev).png

PS4 PKG Repackager to Repackage Fake Updates by Duxa (Chrushev) 2.png



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Yes it's already include (y)
Pending my release you can take a look to my previous posts to find a little tweak. #1 and #2


New version of PS4 PKG Repackager by Duxa (aka Chrushev) version 6.15.18, to quote:

Download: Duxas PS4 patch repackager / Duxas PS4 patch repackager / Duxa's PS4 patch repackager (Mirror #2) / Duxas PS4 patch repackager (Mirror #3)

Hi all,

This is the second public release of the tool and there have been a LOT of changes! (original release can be found [B]HERE[/B])

For details on what it does you can see the thread above. I will keep this one short.

Whats new:
  • The tool is fully automated now
  • The tool has everything needed baked in
  • More descriptive progress
Details: After watching a few youtubers have issues with the tool (it wasnt clear to them what was happening). I decided to make it more clear as to whats going on during the repackaging process. Some long stages will now have progress bars (or percentages). The time estimation should be more accurate now as well.

The initial release required external tools, this has been eleviated and the tool is self contained. All you need to provide is your patch and the game. NOTE: CUSA has to match and they both have to be fake pkg files.

The tool has 3 modes now.
  1. Mode (1) is automated mode and will kick in automatically if no selection is made for 15 seconds

  2. Mode (2) is manual mode and is the same mode that was in the first release (other than the tail end of it is now automated)

  3. Mode (3) is an alternative automated mode. Only use this mode if you are having issues with mode (1)
If there are multiple pkg files present and auto mode is selected it will default back to manual mode as the program does not know which pkg you want to use.

Usage: Usage has changed a little bit. You still need to put the patch.pkg in the same folder as the program (it can be named whatever you want as long as it ends in .pkg). if you want full automation create a folder called "game" and place the game pkg in there (this can also be named whatever you want as long as it ends in .pkg).

I understand that some games can be tens of GB in size and moving them around is not easy, for this I added an option of specifying a custom path for the game pkg. Do note however if there is no game folder or its missing the pkg then the program will create the game folder and open it (this is for newer users to make it more intuitive), you can still chose to use a custom path after that if you want to and just leave that folder empty.

When the process is finished you will see the repackaged pkg in output folder and the folder will be opened for you. You will also get the green SUCCESS screen.

PS4 PKG Repackager version 6.15.18.png

PS4 PKG Repackager version 6.15.18 2.png


New GUI version is available, to quote from my post: GUI version of - PS4 pkg repackager by Duxa (aka Chrushev) - v6.22.18

As promised here is the GUI version of the Repackager.


What is this tool?

It re-marries the fake pkg update to the fake pkg game.

When is this useful?
This is needed when the game and the update were dumped on different PS4 consoles. And when you try to install such an update you will get an error. This tool fixes that.

Does this work if game CUSA does not match update CUSA?
It could, but in 99.99% cases it wont. Different CUSA games typically have different file structure (different regions/languages etc), but sometimes same exact game is released in multiple regions under different CUSAs, in those cases it will work, but Ive ever only heard of one such game. So as a general rule. No CUSA of update and the game have to match.

Will this work with not fake pkg dumps of either update or game?
It could, if you have secret information no-one outside of the game developer/SONY has. You need to know the password that the pkg was created with. No one knows this. Dumped fake ones use all zeros for password. So long story short, both game and update have to be fake pkg dumped from a hacked PS4.

How do I use this tool?
Simple. Run it, select update pkg, select game pkg, select output directory (a new folder will be created in this directory) and hit GO. Thats it.

What are those extra options?
Mouse over for tooltips.

What platforms will this run on?
Windows Vista and later, but it requires Microsoft .Net 4.6.1 (released in 2015) or later. If you are on Windows 7 or 10 and keep it updated through Microsoft you probably already have it installed, games will often install this automatically for you as well. You can get it directly from MS as well -




Hashes for the program:


Download: Duxas PS4 patch repackager / Duxas PS4 patch repackager (Mirror)

Report any bugs in this thread.
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