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We've seen a PS Vita PKGi Fork, some PS Vita PKGi Updates, a PKGi PS3 Port and recently PlayStation 4 scene homebrew developer @theorywrong of shared on Twitter PKGi for PS4 which is a work-in-progress (WIP) open source manager for downloading homebrew packages (PKGs) directly from a given source. ⬇ 👍

Download: / GIT

From the PKGi

PKGi is a WIP OpenSource Packages Manager for Download PKG's Hombrew directly from Source.

The source code bellow use the OpenOrbis ***, it's a legal homebrew !


PS4 PKGi Open Source Packages Manager for Homebrew PKGs by TheoryWrong.jpg

PS4 PKGi Open Source Packages Manager for Homebrew PKGs by TheoryWrong 2.jpg

PS4 PKGi Open Source Packages Manager for Homebrew PKGs by TheoryWrong 3.jpg


PKGi is not designed for P!racy
! P!racy is illegal, Me and other developers can't be responsible for content proposed inside "Source". Please respect law of your country.




Senior Member
At last very useful homebrew for ps4 is coming

Thank you very much team pkgi we hope later we can download ps4 game directly like psvita scene


still confused, source list is hard coded when you compile this code?
i'm not familiar with oosdk

so hope someone could add "add custom source list" feature
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