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Earlier today we reported on the PS4 Slim 1 Terabyte model, and now shortman82 is back with more PlayStation 4 Slim and DualShock 4 updates today including videos demonstrating original PS4 direct communication with the DS4 and CoD.

From the video's caption: Original PS4 Direct communication with DS4

Showing that the original PS4 can directly connect with the new DS4 model CUH-ZCT2 eliminating Bluetooth issues that can cause input lag.

From the video's caption: First game of cod with direct communication

First game since enabling direct communication with the new dualshock 4. I am by no means a good cod player but it definitely helps :)

Here is a summary from on what else has been uncovered including new PS4 Slim options, DS4 battery details and button quality to quote:
  • No new features or resolution options could be found in the console, but the shortman82 doesn’t have the new 4.0 system software update yet.
  • According to shortman82, the console runs “unbelievably” cool and quiet.
  • Triggers and buttons on the new DualShock 4 feel “more solid,” with better materials.
  • Buttons and sticks are exactly the same height as the original DualShock 4 controller.
  • The additional light bar doesn’t actually have a light of its own. It’s just a see-through strip on the touch pad that lets the original light shine through.
  • The battery is the same 1,000 mHa one used in the current DualShock 4. That said, shortman82 mentions that he has owned the console for 24 hours, and the controller is still on two bars.
  • The controller comes with an option to select the communication method with the PS4, between USB and Bluetooth. This option seems to be available only to the new version of the controller, but it does appear on the original PS4 console as well.
Finally, spotted that U.K. used goods retailer CEX listed the PS4 Slim for £380 (around $502.91 USD) however many noted that CEX is basically just an online pawn shop who prices products using supply and demand.

Would anyone here pay over $500 for a PS4 Slim console? Feel free to share your comments below! :D
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Ok, guys , go now to pay $500 to test the new sony hardware.
This is just the engineers training camp before the 4k model.
Some things never change...


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Bring over the CFW and we can talk the PS4 Slim or 1TB or whatever lah.

That not the most important!! Most important is the PS4 CFW and been waiting and waiting
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