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Following his PS4 6.20 Userland Exploit PoC and the recent OpenOrbis DevKit PS4 Library Ports PlayStation 4 scene developer @SpecterDev announced today via Twitter that the homebrew PS4 Toolchain currently supports audio / video output, freetype and full libc without using any $ony materials complete with a demonstration video below! :fire:

Also below, since sharing his PS4 Kernel Bug Findings scene developer theflow0 (who has a PayPal and Patreon page set up) is currently seeking a 6.20FW PS4 if someone is willing to donate one towards his continued PlayStation 4 research and development. :lovewins:

:alert: He notes the following, to quote: "Also don‘t update past FW 6.20 if you want a kxploit."

Next up, proceeding his Lapy Games Collection PS4 PKG homebrew game developer @Lapy shared a work-in-progress image on Twitter of his latest River Raid PKG project. (y)

Finally, reports that despite the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak PlayStation 5 won't be delayed according to AMD Executive Vice President of Computing and Graphics Rick Bergman at AMD's Financial Analyst Day presentation.

As seen in the slide below, the next-generation PS5 (and XBox Series X) are still on track for a Holiday 2020 launch at this time. 😃
PS4 Toolchain Homebrew Payload Loader by SpecterDev Demo & More! 2.jpg

Spoiler: Related Tweets

PS4 Toolchain Homebrew Payload Loader by SpecterDev Demo & More!.jpg


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I'm thinking AGAIN, we had our chains pulled.

Really, don't report your amazing feats unless your ready to show them.

Wake me up when something real happens.

Some people LOVE to trade and get people's hopes up for nothing. And please, don't tell me to be grateful for this and that. BULL COCKA! You don't tease something you don't intend on sharing. Tired of getting hope up and sit around waiting like a dog for a treat.

Now, I'm waiting for the trolls to come out and tell me I should come up with an exploit if it's so easy and to them I say... STFU


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Mathieu Hervais could have become a legend but he chose to keep the exploit to himself.

@UltraLex don't worry bro I am with you. I know these guys have been acting like attention seekers. They won't share a thing and just saying "if you want a kxploit." And then the ones who defend them act like their subjects or slaves and can't tolerate a thing we say to them. Like don't bother him or don't be entitled.

Truth is they want the free games just like us. They just think that wagging their tails in front of them will get the exploit sooner. Only that spectre and qwertyuiopz guy delivered.
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