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Since the PS4 Playground 1.76, 3.55 Port, PS4 Playground 1.01, 1.05 Port, 3.x Playground and even a PS3 Port of CTurt's original PS4 WebKit Playground today @zecoxao ported it to PlayStation 4 Firmware 1.50b with details below from his Twitter feed. :fire:

There are also more PS4 MEME's courtesy of @Ginsor, @X41 and @xxmcvapourxx added to the PSXHAX Shoutbox MOTD for any developers interested! :angel:

Download: / GIT / PS4-Custom-WebKit-Playground_v2.00.01.rar (2.0 MB) / Zecoxao's Github (even more recent updates)

According to the updated this PS4 playground branch is currently for firmwares 1.76 / 1.50b / 1.01 only at the moment, and for those unaware it's a collection of PS4 tools and experiments using the WebKit exploit.

Thanks to @romantizma for the heads-up earlier this morning in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! <3
PS4 Webkit Playground Ported to Firmware 1.50b by Zecoxao.jpg



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One reason they're doing older Firmware versions is because before 2.00 there are more bugs / holes for devs, apparently after 2.00 Sony fixed a lot of the handy stuff that can be learned from. ;)


I look at it as the more revisions for the playground the better. More possibilities for people to play around with and find more interesting things. :cool::D:bananaman::tup:

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