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Since his python script, PlayStation 4 developer Zer0xFF returns with PS4_db_rebuilder which will restore your FPKGs (Fake Packages) after rebuilding the PS4 database. (y)

Download: PS4_db_rebuilder (Latest Release) / GIT / (v0.1 rebuilder for external only) via thxalot60

Here's further details from the file, to quote: PS4_db_rebuilder

PS4 built in database rebuilder has the tendency to remove FPKG from the database, this will repopulate the database with them

  1. recursively clone this repo or download a Release
  2. start FTP server on the PS4
  3. run the python script though terminal/cmdline python3 PS4_IP (command for external via sp0k: py PS4_IP)
  4. wait for the script to finish, then logout of the PS4 user without closing the browser
  5. log back in and all your games should be there again
PS4_DB_Rebuilder to Restore FPKGs After PS4 Database Rebuilding.jpg



Senior Member
ok just fyi that py command applies also for internal if python3 is not working for somebody else

also the code still needs to be fixed since games on internal are disappearing from storage menu :(


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@sp0k That is not the only problem. You will find that the option to delete the games has also disappeared from the info details list.

When you first run the script the games appear back and the option to delete the game is there but when you have run the game once, the delete option disappears.

The only way to delete the game is to manually edit the app.db and change 'canRemove' from 0 to 1.


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@Leeful yup i had to rerun the rebuilding again to erase some games but i will try your approach

also i notice after next rebuild external data reappear without fix so only issue is this disappearing


This tool is great !! Got my games back but now I have another problem... I'm running into that error not enough free space in storage.

When I run the script its saying that all games are stored on internal hard drive but they are not most of them are on my 2TB external.. in settings it says that space is used on EXT HDD but when I click on it it says no applications installed.

When I click on internal storage all the games are there but they are supposed to be on external and I cant transfer from internal to external it gives an error.

I need to move the game from internal to external to make space for system to start game any help???


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this is what i meant by the code still needs to be fixed since size on internal are weird too e.g. 796GB

for now only option is to FTP all pkgs and install again but be careful - killed my HDD: CE-34335-8


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Well it has been a year, and recently got into rebuilding ps2onps4 pkgs on my internal HD... and low and behold all of a sudden i was getting an error ce-32930-7... BUTTTTT it wasn't just on the game i was testing it affected EVERYTHING all games (not just ps2 remakes) on the internal HD but also ALL games on my 8TB EXT HD also!!!

So I enter my Admin CMD... went to my PS4_db_rebuilder-0.1 folder... ran Script seemed to run fine and finished... then on the ps4 (with the ftp browser still open) logged out as user and then logged back in.

Then i tried restarting the ps4. Every single game... internal or ext gives the error CE-32930-7 - is the PS4 F#$ed? @sp0k @thxalot60 @PuffinMan @lotus78

BTW prior to this i used the "restore" off the userland that i had backed up on a usbkey ...when i did this method result!

Just tried restarting again... selected an arbitrary game and I got CE-41839-5. so i either get CE-41839-5 or CE-32930-7 on any attempted game?
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