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Hello to everyone, following the JKPatch / MemView process memory tool I found a really good app to search for PS4 game cheats called PS4Cheater that was recently updated to PS4 Cheater 1.1 and then v1.2 by the Chinese developer via Duowan BBS.

Download: PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (Pass: ubmi) / PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (32 KB - Mirror) / PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (Mirror #2) / PS4_Cheater_1.2.rar (0.06 MB) / PS4_Cheater_4.55.rar (v1.2 Mirror) / PS4_Cheater.exe (0.05 MB) / PS4Cheat Data for dumb.rar (14.57 MB) / PS4Cheat Manager v0.1.3 (15.3 MB) / ps4cheater 1.3.7z (191 KB) / (108 KB) / (108 KB) / (109 KB) / (111 KB) / GIT / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.4 / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.5 / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.7 / (Mirror) / GIT / PS4_Cheater_v1.4.8(by GiantPluto).zip (91 KB - For 6.72) / PS4_Cheater_v1.4.8_Fixed_Address(by GiantPluto).zip (92 KB - PS4 Cheater 1.4.8 with 6.72 support - with disable ASLR fix. No more different addresses on each run) / GIT by GiantPluto / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.1.rar (156 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.1.1.rar (156 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.2.rar (156.83 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.2.rar (157 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.3.rar (166 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.3.2.rar (167 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.3.4.rar (353 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.3.5.rar (358 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.3.6.rar (358 KB) / PS4 Cheater for 7.55 / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.3.7.rar (368 KB) / PS4_Cheater_v1.5.4.rar (386 KB) / PS4_Cheater CTN123 Fork (Latest Version) / CTN123 Ko-Fi Page :lovewins:

⛔ Warning: Never plug in a USB drive while using this to avoid a kernel panic.

The following have also been updated recently for PS4 6.72 users:
In 5 minutes I found codes for HZD, Gravity Rush and Bloodborne for my 4.05 PlayStation 4 console... Good search!!!! :D

Below is a brief English guide from Pretinaverse with a follow-up HERE along with some Tales of Zestiria (CUSA02461) Cheats, and to quote roughly translated from the Chinese BBS post:


PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes.jpg

PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes 10.jpg

Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil 5, God Of War Game Trainer Tool
The Evil Within 2 Ps4 5.05 / Infinity Heart Permanent / Deathless Cheat
KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 Re:Chain of Memories PS4 cheat by ssvegito
PS4 Cheater - Making a Pointer (Short Tutorial)



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One step at a time, and there's a few more before I get there.

For all future releases, please check here.


Download: PS4_Cheater_v1.5.3.4.rar (353 KB)

PS4 Cheater
  • Increase network reliability.
  • Auto select eboot.bin/elf.
  • Pointer Scanner
    • Updated status bar UI.
    • Multi-thread first scan & next scan.
    • Use unfiltered section list.
    • Remove "Verify if you're connected!" prompt on next pointer scan.
    • Fix Cross-thread operation not valid issue on next pointer scan.
  • New Address
    • Fix "Add offset" issue adding multiple offsets.
    • Don't recompute the addresses every time, only refresh as required.
    • Fix spacing of buttons.
  • Hex editor
    • Added column information.
    • Highlight the proper length for value type when entering hex view.
    • Highlight the proper address when on the first line.
    • Bug fixes
  • Cheat list
    • Click on Address to copy it to clipboard
    • Right click edit cheat list.
    • Increase responsiveness during editing.
    • option for live updates every 2 seconds.
  • Increase responsiveness of "Refresh" button
  • Increase reliability.


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I'm trying to mod The Last of Us Remastered - [CUSA-00552] for pills and parts to upgrade my guns. Everytime I find the address, it just causes the number value to flicker on screen and doesn't really stop it from decreasing. And I can't use old .cht files since I'm using the most recent PS4Cheater. Any suggestions?


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@Japstories, Do you remember what you were doing when you that error happened?

I'm aware of 2 bits of code that can cause that, but want to fix some other issues first.

Namely the A/V false positives.


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@ctn thank for you update the tool :)
could you add mass write/restore values feature on search results list for quickly poke ? it's will be very useful for everyone!


@Thien Tran
I found gold and MP/HP/Focus values in the past, I believe they were Float and some were 2Byte. However I was using an older game version. So I don't think they are encrypted, keep trying, you will get there.

If looking for HP/MP/Focus i suggest looking for unknown value and then for increase/decrease to narrow down because it's not stored as exactly what you see - it's a multiple of some sort. so like instead of 100 Focus that's displayed it was like 27,000 (not exact) in memory or similar.


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1: select or choose any address from search list
2: Right-click select "mass write" or "restore"
3: "mass wrtite" <need creat a textbox for it to set you want poke any "value" and "type"
4: "restore" not need set any textbox,it only for restore current search value avoid something wrong.
5: this feature not need to save many cht files to test value good or not :)
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