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PS5 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Feb 29, 2024 at 1:47 AM       5      
PS5 Scene developer @hotshotzps5 (aka hotshotz79) let us know he recently released PS5 Activity Log on his Github repository, which is a Windows application that displays the playtime activities of PlayStation 5 games on Exploited PS5 consoles. :cool:

Download: (14.5 MB) / GIT

Here's further details from the PlayStation 5 Activity Log app's PS5 Activity Log

An app to display playtime activities from PlayStation 5


Users on exploited PS5 do not have the capability to view playtime for any game they play. This app connects to the PS5, grabbing the database that stores all the activity log and then displays the details to the user.

  • An active connection to the PS5 via FTP is required
  • App has to be extracted to a local folder before running (executing from .zip file will cause issues)
  • The file size varies for the activity log database (sl2_log.db), therefore patience is required when its being downloaded
Created using; Visual Studio & C #

  • Downloads the activity log database (sl2_log.db); skips if same file name/size already exists for faster results
  • Displays all current installed games (including virtual games from ItemFlowz titled * FG *)
  • Playtime stats includes
    • Total time spent
    • Average per session
    • Number of times played
    • First time and
    • Last time played
  • Jailbroken PS5 with FTP access
  • .NET Framework 4.6
Known Issues
  • [Unconfirmed] if a game crashes where the PS5 reboots; no log will be recorded for that session
  • The activity log database (sl2_log.db) returns a "database disk image is malformed" error however still able to query
Future Enhancements
  • Offline function
  • Deleted games history
:note: PS5 Activity Log v0.9 Beta Release NOTE: Application has to be extracted to a local folder before running
  • First release, so currently in Beta phase
  • Expect bugs; therefore submit issue with details
  • See the ReadMe for details
PS5 Activity Log Displays Playtime of PS5 Games by Hotshotz79.png

PS5 Activity Log Displays Playtime of PS5 Games by Hotshotz79 2.png


@FrienlyPP I'm not sure if PS4 has that; since i only have PS5 I searched online how to check playtime which i think is either on a higher FW or if you are connected to PSN (another way is that some games have a playtime in the save file or under options/settings)

So being on a exploited PS5, I decided to make this application because it can help those to log their game plays on sites like completionator, howlongtobeat, backloggery