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In PS5Scene news this weekend, following the PS5 Hypervisor Exploitation Confirmation by Flat_z, PS5 PKG (Package) Testing and recent Libhijacker PS5 Updates by Astrelsky developer @illusion0001 of announced on Twitter his Libhijacker Github Fork containing some PS5 Game Developer Debug Menus with 60FPS PS5 Game Patches for Exploited PS5 Consoles via the PlayStation 5 Kernel Exploit alongside 120hz Patches for PS4 games on exploited PS5 systems proceeding the Tormented Souls PS5 Developer Debug Menu Unlock Key Combination and PS5 Debug Settings Hidden Menu Discovery. šŸ„³

Download: (357 KB) / GIT Fork

Spoiler: Depreciated
Here's further setup details including the supported PS5 titles from the included libhijacker

Project name is temporary

This repo will likely be short lived. I got tired of waiting and wanted to upload it somewhere. Proper credits will be attributed later.

Fork with support for game patching. check out the original project by astrelsky (more for developers).

Quick Setup

  • Download the latest zip from the release page.
  • Extract the zip with all files to a folder on your computer.
  • Load your preferred method of exploiting your PS5. (BDJB or webkit).
  • Install python 3 and aiofiles for required dependency.
  • pip install aiofiles
  • On ELF loader stage, run with your PS5 IP as first argument. Example: python ./
    • To kill the daemon process for easier development, you can use to kill the process and re run to send the new build of the daemon executable. (this can be done outside the web browser or bdj window)
    • You can also find useful commands within and it's arguments.
Supported Titles
  • Batman: Arkham Knight v1.15: 60 FPS
  • Bloodborne v1.09: 60 FPS by Lance McDonald
    • Also includes:
      • No Motion Blur
      • No Chromatic Aberration
      • Debug Camera by Lance McDonald
  • Crash Team Racing v1.21: 60 FPS
  • Demon Souls v1.00: 60 FPS Unlock in Cinematic Mode
  • Driveclub v1.28: 60 FPS
  • Gravity Rush 2 v1.11: 60 FPS
  • The Order 1886 v1.02: 60 FPS
  • The Last Guardian v1.03: 4K at 60FPS
  • The Last of Us Remastered 60 FPS + Debug Menu (v1.11)
  • The Last of Us Part 2 60 FPS + Debug Menu (v1.00 + v1.09)
  • Just Cause 4 v1.32: 60 FPS
  • Shadow of the Colossus: 1440p at 60FPS + Debug Menu
  • Silent Hills: P.T at 60FPS
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 v1.29: 60FPS
Known Issues (specific to this fork)
  • Daemon sometimes crashes when scrolling through the game list.
  • Daemon may crash with nullptr dereference in game patch thread.
  • Daemon may reapply patch while game is running.
  1. Install LLVM 16.
  2. Build and install PS5SDK (firmware does not matter).
  3. Clone this repo with recursive submodules.
  4. Generate library stubs using stubber which can be found in /stubber folder.
    • Build main.go: go build
    • Dump /system/lib/common/ folder from your console (4.03) in decrypted prx files using the ps5-self-dumper payload from sleirsgoevy.
    • Or use my pre generated.
    • Run the stubber. ./main aerolib.csv (PS5 System Folder) (Output Folder)
    • Copy .so files to this repository folder into lib. (Create one if it does not exist)
  5. Build the hijacker
# this assume you have llvm 16
6. Load it on your console using you will see kernel log output on the first instance where you originally send the spawner payload.​
  • python3 (PS5 IP)
Special Thanks

To all testers that signed up for game patch beta test!
  • ac2pic
  • ashenContinuum
  • Cerebral-Context
  • Cameron
  • CrystalCircus
  • DrChrisRespect
  • embee
  • erdosadam24
  • hobbo0408
  • Lustcyna
  • maplemiyazaki
  • jrson
  • Lord Maximus Farquaad
  • iknowcpp
  • peekurchoo
  • pinoy24
  • sirbri83
  • razzysxpb
  • rudiano
  • Voredy
  • VIPO777
  • WardFail
  • Whitehawkx
Mafia Definitive Edition PS4/PS4 Pro/PS5 Unlocked Framerate Comparison
Gravity Rush 2 + The Last Guardian 60FPS Patch Update
The Last of Us Part 2 120FPS PS5 Framerate Tested!
PS5 Game Debug Menus with 60FPS PS5 Game Patches via Illusion0001.png


been playing the bloodborne 60 patch on my 4.50 for about a week. looks incredible, rock solid 60fps at 1080p. exciting times!
How does the game Silent Hills: P.T. launching on PS5 if there is no disc version and no digital version?

Or how the demo version of the game is not checked for its license?
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