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Proceeding his GhidraOrbis Plugin, PS5 homebrew developer astrelsky recently made available a proof-of-concept pack consisting of a script, spawner.elf and test_elf.elf including libhijacker source code for those in the PS5Scene to try out via port 9030 on exploited consoles. :geek:

Download: (118 KB) / / Libhijacker GIT / WIP / (138 KB - includes PS5 PoC.exe) via Cedsaill2 / Libhijacker Fork & GIT via SiSTR0

This comes following initial news of homebrew on PS5 soon via @zecoxao on Twitter for PS5 3.xx-4.xx consoles, and below are some of astrelsky's messages via Discord on this PlayStation 5 homebrew release:

I literally just slapped a test sample and threw it in there with a few line readme
Won't be surprised if it doesn't even work
Idk what happens if you try to use stdout on an elf loaded in WebKit

It's just a dummy ps5sdk I had setup to keep a different tool chain cmake to use for the test elf
I didn't include the source because it wouldn't be build able without other things yet

Yes, redis
I left it full of debug info on purpose
Wait until you see some of the comments in the code lol

It's just a poc, if even that. You can't do sh!t with it until it's made all pretty and integrated into the *** somehow/somewhere
That's why I didn't release the source yet
I spent most of the day going down a rabbit hole trying to get exceptions to work

It's running in its own process
And is using so files instead of pulling everything from dlsym

You'll be able to read/write to other userland processes with the api. Memory protections are ignored.

The process is technically local to redis (using sce spawn local process from the redis server process) so it a daemon
In theory the same methodology can be applied to a game process from this daemon
It might actually be more constrained wrt resources
I don't really know
I'm out for the night

You are thinking in the right direction
You can patch shellcore and games and anything userland too. Just not the kernel
Almost anything in userland at least

I'll now be awol for the next 2 years šŸ¤£

:note: Finally, from the included poc

send elf using
once sent, if successful it will listen on port 9030 and will dump the kernel data
me very lazy, explanation skills D-


A: No

And from the libhijacker Project name is temporary

This repo will likely be short lived. I got tired of waiting and wanted to upload it somewhere. Proper credits will be attributed later.
The 'libhijacker' is a valid (albeit partial) method towards running homebrew, you'll have to be patient as usual, until someone completes big-app support. This is the next step to launch something useful (actual 'homebrew' as you know it on PS4).
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PS5 Homebrew update: New spawner.elf released by Astrelsky. Should work with WebKit attack method.
  • (2.37 MB - includes sflash0s0 and spawner.elf)
PS5 executable successfully dumped by Dizz using libhijacker by astrelsky, debug drawing enabled on exploitable PS5.
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it goes without saying this but, even if game loading does become a reality in the near future, there is the issue that sleirsgoevy payloads only decrypt ps5 demos and ps4 games correspondant to the ps4 *** version of 4.03 and below versions.
this means you won't have ps5 game loading from anything other than demos/freemium

:arrow: PS5 Game Debug Menus with 60FPS PS5 Game Patches via Illusion0001
PS5 Homebrew Proof-of-Concept (PoC) by Astrelsky for PS5Scene.jpg


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