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Today Sony put live several PlayStation 5 pages including a System Software License Agreement for the PS5 System (EULA) page and a Source Code for Open Source Software Used in PlayStation 5 (PS5 OSS / WebKit) page similar to the PS4 OSS WebKit that includes both a PS5 WebKit and PS5 WebKit JavaScriptCore downloads for PS5Scene developers to examine for potential exploits! šŸ˜

Download: (1.2 GB) / (1.2 GB) / (1.2 GB) / (1.2 GB) / (1.2 GB) / PS5UPDATE.PUP (828 MB - PS5 Update PUP v02.20.00.00) / PS5UPDATE.PUP (960 MB - PS5 Recovery PUP) / PS5 PUP updatelist.xml (if directory hash changes check HERE, still missing Recovery XML :unsure:)

Here's to hoping Sony puts live the PS5 System Software page soon (Update: It's now live! :D)... until then let the hunt begin, and cheers to @SilicaAndPina for the updates on Twitter:
Download: BLSUnpack to Unpack SLB2 Structured Files by PS4 Dev Zecoxao
PS5 WebKit Open Source Software Live, PS5Scene Devs Hunt for Exploits!.jpg