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Earlier this month we saw a PS4Updates Python script, and recently PlayStation 4 developer GarnetSunset (Twitter) made available a PlayStation Store DLC Index script tool called psDLCIndex which can be used to scrape / download PS4 PKG downloadable content. :D

Download: / GIT / How to Change CUSA of DLC to Match CUSA of Game Guide / 0-byte PSN DLC Downloader by Etheldreda-MU / / psDLC (c# version) by stooged / fake_dlc_pkg.rar (0.3 MB) / Playstation Store DLC Indexer.rar (3.69 MB) by pearlxcore / cindexTutorial.rar (1.23 MB) by ohcHIT / psDLCIndex EZ_Lib_Orbis_MOD GIT Fork via @DeniZz

:alert: From Al Azif, to quote: "THESE TOOLS WILL NOT WORK WITH MOST DLC. The DLC must be an unlockable type with no extra data required and may require a specific game update version. There is no way to know 100% if it'll work until you try it."

:arrow: For those having trouble, see this Workaround by Baku86 to fix the issue. :thumbup:

This comes following the tutorial for Dumping PS4 5.05 DLC, Games, Updates & Themes with details below from the to quote: psDLCIndex

PlayStation Store DLC Indexer, and list generator.

What is this?

This is a script that will go through a PlayStation store entry for a certain title, which is given at runtime, and get the titleIDS of all DLC associated with them. This can then be funnelled into "" which can parse it out and, using some outside programs, generate some cool pkgs.

How to use?

Make sure you run "requirements.bat" if you're on windows, but then, just run the "" script and input the full title ID of the app you wish to crawl. This can take a while so be patient.

When done, make sure to run mysteriouslink, with all the files required, which I can't link, in this directory. You should have a bunch of PKGs.


:arrow: Update: In related news, windsurfer1122 made available PSN_get_pkg_info which is a Python script to extract package information from header and PARAM.SFO of PS3 / PSX / PSP / PSV / PSM and PS4 packages.

Download: / GIT

And from the, to quote: (c) 2018 by "windsurfer1122"

Extract package information from header and PARAM.SFO of PS3/PSX/PSP/PSV/PSM and PS4 packages.

  • One-for-all solution to retrieve all header data and PARAM.SFO data from PSN packages
  • Decryption of PS3 encrypted data to get all data
  • Support of all known package types: PS3/PSX/PSP, PSV/PSM, PS4
  • Easy enhancement of interpreting data (=done at the very end with all data at hand)
  • Support multiple output formats
  • Support multiple debug verbosity levels
  • Easy to maintain and no compiler necessary (=interpreter language)
  • Cross platform support
    • Decision: Python 3
      • Compatible with Python 2 (target version 2.7)
        • Identical output
        • Forward-compatible solutions preferred
  • Modular and flexible code for easy enhancement and/or extensions (of course there's always something hard-coded left)
For options execute: PSN_get_pkg_info -h
Use at your own risk! If you state URLs then only the necessary bytes are downloaded into memory.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see

git master repository at

:arrow: Update #2: Developer lucasepe made available another scraping utility called Go PS4 which allows you to search your favorite PS4 games from PlayStation Store using the Command Line, which details below from the to quote:

Download: / GIT

This tool use Colly the Lightning Fast and Elegant Scraping Framework for Gophers

How to build


go build -ldflags "-X main.version=0.0.1 -X,2%-%date:~6,2%T%time:~0,2%:%time:~3,2%:%time:~6,2%"
go build -ldflags "-X main.version=0.0.1 -X,4%-%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%T%time:~0,2%:%time:~3,2%:%time:~6,2%"
How to use

List available options

go-ps4 -help
Usage of go-ps4:
       show also extra contents
       show only free titles
  -lang string
       language (it, en) (default "it")
  -search string
       search for specified title
       show app version
       show only weekly deals titles
Search only for free games
go-ps4 -free
Search for a specific game
go-ps4 -search "strange brigade"
Show only weekly deals
go-ps4 -weekly-deals
PSDLCIndex PlayStation Store PS4 DLC Indexer by GarnetSunset.jpg



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im using python 2.7.14 and 1st i ran the requirements.bat , on the first run i notice that orbis-cmd wasnt found, copy and pasted, then ran again. i saw a fpkg temp folder that had nothing in it. so i just copied all of my fake pkg generator contents in there (very messy). now it works. i enter complete tittle id in the dlc script then drag and drop the txt generated.

try running the requirement bat a few times. see what happens. there was a site for game updates anyone know or remember? all my updates require higher firmware.

on a side note : could we ftp a official update to the correct folder and run retail game and install update thru pkg installer while game running in background?


Ok I understand the issue now. The DLCs don't work for me (for Pinball FX2 VR) because these DLCs require a download of the DLC itself (which is about 90mb).

This method only works for DLCs that are on the fpkg game already, which just unlocks the DLC itself (like Gravity Rush 2 DLC, which is already on "disc" or on "fpkg").


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So just an update guys ...So I tried python 2.7.14 as barely suggested I downloaded the Windows x86-64 MSI installer Windows for AMD64/EM64T/x64 370014d73c3059f610c27365def62058 20168704

I installed this on a PC OS windows 10 pro 54 Bit version and installed via compatibility mode (right click installer and select run in windows compatibility mode and appy, Then install the program. I have the folder setup as per the youtube clip schematics folder.

I run the requirements as admin and get some red text ...I think Hmmm not seen this before ? So run the sucker again as just double click and it creates the ez_dlc file. I now double click the dlcIndex and it loads a cmd prompt up ...which stays... there Auto closing :bananaman: But no text either... I close the tab down and re open the file via double click... BOOMIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Thankful for that... Now I can have a good play around... as this had been doing my Nutz in as to why this was not working for me.

Hopefully others whom experiencing the Auto close Glitch will get it sorted using this or similar workarounds. Thanks to everyone whom helped.

Best Regards,


Senior Member
Thanks Mate! Really appreciate your help ....I am unsure if it was because I ran the python installer in compatibility mode or just this sweet v2.7.14 version that works.. I suspect it is the version that`s key to this working on my system thou... I just done a quick test for NIOH and it works sweet as it should.. creating all the .pkg files.

Now it's another thing to actually find some good uses for this... I am quite sure there are, and I will be eager to see what developments occur further down the road... Thanks to all the Great people whom create such tweaks and exploits... For if not foe them... I would not be getting my fix... of just doing something unusual because it has become possible. :tup:
Thanks again to everyone whom helped.

@Rayker Sorry mate I am not sure on that myself... Just tinkering with it myself just now... at least it's sorta working.. ;) maybe just a small snag.

Best Regards,


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I am not sure Mate... I believe it is the next step one would take and see if all works OK.
That would be my plan .....But seeing I do not really have a need for DLC or such... I can only summarize....

I am quite sure others more technically gifted than myself will shed further light upon the next steps to take. But I would install if I where you and see what developments occur from that. Good Luck!

Best Regards,


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I dont understand that Tool.
Now i have overcooked dlcs 128kbs dat on my hdd but it is not really the dlc, how can i get the dlc for overcooked? I had no psn Access with my ps4 5.05

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