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Proceeding the PS4 SaveData Decrypting Tools in development, recent PS4 Game Saves with FPKG's Guide and his LibHB PS4 Homebrewing Library PlayStation 4 developer @cfwprophet made available PSFSKKey which is a PS4 SaveGame Decryption Tool for developers that is only missing the SAMU (Secure Asset Management Unit) PFS keys. :ninja:

Download: / GIT

From the, to quote: PSFSKKey

A Tool to decrypt your save games. Right now just the SAMU PFS keys are missing. Code is already added. So when either, the Keys are released or some one which have, add them, then we have a working tool already.

For encryption aka signing, reverse the steps. Get SD master keys from ps4 devwiki or use SaveDataMasterKeyDumper_v2_505.pkg (Mirror) to dump them your self from your console. Put keys into same directory then this tool run.

PSFSKKey.exe SaveDataPFSSKKey.bin SaveData

Anonymous Dev

-Have Fun-

PSFSKKey PS4 SaveGame Decryption Tool by CFWProphet.jpg



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Holy... :D Thats what i was waiting for! Hopefully someone can get the Keys and make it an App! Awesome work!


Several months ago, shortly after installing a system-update to my PS4, the interface mysteriously lagged for about a minute and then crashed. The system rebooted into safe mode and claimed that the hard drive is corrupted.

At first, I was allowed to rebuild the database (which I probably should have done, but I was hesitant to choose an action). After restarting the console again, the only option allowed is to reinstall system software. Almost all of my saved game-data, which is a lot, belonged to a nonPlus account (I made a second account because I dislike my first PSN-name, and I never thought to cancel my subscription to PS Plus for the first account and add it to the newer account, before the tragic incident).

I'm hoping that the corruption is isolated to the operating system (I'm not sure whether that is technically possible) and that I can connect the hard drive to a PC and use this tool to decrypt the saved data in order to recover it. Does this seem possible or am I being too hopeful? :(


im trying to build the pkg but im getting the following errors:
OrbisWavePsslc.props missing
which is preventing libUtil from loading and i also think im missing libScrSampleUtil does anyone know how i can fix this so i can build the pkg thanks
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