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What if some users got slow download speed when downloading from Sony's sever (even when downloading from another servers than Sony are faster) !!

So I made this tut for people like myself whom prefer downloading from PC!

In this method we are gonna grab the game data from Sony's server with a computer specially with IDM for better speed downloading... as if you notice some people are not very easy with PS4's downloading speed.

Tools You Need:

1. PSX Download Helper LINK: ( / Mirror - 897.28 KB)



4. PSX Link Generator LINK: ( / Mirror - 201.1 KB)

5. A USB Ethernet Kit with drivers installed (ONLY IF USING TWO LAN CABLE METHOD)

6. A Working Internet Connection And A Modem


1. Connect the modem with cable to usb controller (or the internal Ethernet hub of your laptop).

2. Connect another cable to PS4 from Laptop.

3. In your laptop go to Internet connection settings and then go to change adaptor settings.

4. In this section go to the properties of adaptor that have the internet (that's connected to the modem)

5. Go to sharing tab and enable sharing for adapter thats connected to PS4 console.

If you use "one cable mode" you should use wifi adaptor and wireless connectivity to use the wifi network adapter as sharing adapter to the Ethernet hub that connected to the PS4... but remember downloading the games from Sony server is faster with lan cable than wifi (for all)

6. Run PSX download helper and write the IP address that showed up here and dont press nothing. (check off that it should be the ipv4's of adapter that connected to PS4)


1. Go to settings and then network.

2. Go to connect to internet and chose lan cable.

3. Use automatic in whole questions except *** PROXY *** and set the PROXY value to IP address that showed in PSX download helper in PC.

4. Save the settings and sit back for next episode :D


1. Go to PSX download helper and press the big white button.

2. The program is Chinese and we all prefer english (not if we are Chinese) so we need to change the language. Go to fifth tab thats the setting. the sliding menu is for language so open it up and chose English. restart the app for taking effect!

3. Enable all the options except "enable custom parsing" and let it unticked.

4. Select apply.

1. Go to your console and open notification center then chose downloads.

2. Start a download and you will see PSX app will get the requested link by PS4 console. after getting the link stop the download from PS4.

3. Copy the link using copy button of PSX app and then open PSX link generator app.

4. Paste the link and chose generate. wait for process.

5. Download all the generated files in single folder and name the folder as game's name. ex: battlefield1

6. Go to the settings tab and chose the game folder you made with first box ticked.

7. Start the download again and you should get a fast download like +50mb! your download may start late because of downloading a small DP file.

8. In many cases in middle of the download your download speed become slow, thats because of update package. when you noticed slow speed stop the download.

Go to the PSX app and you will see a new link like "A***_0.PKG" or " A***.PKG" is being requested. Do the same method with ps4 link generator for update files and download them into game's folder.

9. After having both download and base game data continue your download and your game should finish the installing in fastest time.

Expected transfer speed: i transfer 15GB in 4 minutes with CAT6 lan cable and core i5 laptop. Many says windows 10 and 8 are better for transferring. In some rare cases you should redo all adapter sharing section in every restart.
PSX Download Helper Transfer PS4 Game Data via PC Guide.jpg


Thanks for taking the time to share the guide here @devi0us! <3

If I'm following correctly it reminds me a bit of the this method to increase download speed, except you are using the PSX Link Generator and PSX Download Helper (Chinese) program to obtain the links and download the files from Sony's servers... which is handy as you mentioned if people want to download them via PC versus directly from the console. :thumbup:
Your welcome, psxhax is my homepage too so no need to thanx <3
Psx has some unique features so i used this app for tut!!
1. Its free with good gui and automated.
2. Its fast and reliable.
And its great for people like me whom may install one game too many times in single day on different console's.
Another great tut's are coming as i got some free time...
the pslink generator can generate update link??? i use my own ps4 pkg generator but i dont know how to generate update link without ps4
the pslink generator can generate update link??? i use my own ps4 pkg generator but i dont know how to generate update link without ps4
the app generate the rest of the link only. you need to give the first part of the game to the app and then it will generate the rest parts...

you need PS4 for generating links , yes of course. using PSX can help this out but what is your own generator btw?
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