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If you're already a friend of ours on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that's fanfreakintastic! :love:

Today we've crossed another item off the never-ending To-Do List and added a PSXHAX Friends sideblock to our Portal and Forums that displays affiliate links of those who wish to become friends while trading traffic. :thumbup:

If you run your own blog, forums, site etc and would like to exchange links with us simply add PSXHAX.COM to the designated section on your pages and then Contact Us or reply below with your URL to verify and we'll add it within 24 hours here! <3

While we encourage both established and new blogs, forums and sites to join the PSXHAX Friends block, there are a few caveats you should be aware of before doing so:
  • Affinity - your blog / forum / site should be related to the video gaming niche, so that swapping links adds value and interests visitors from both sides.

  • Integrity - if you don't sincerely like PSXHAX.COM then becoming fair-weather friends just to share links makes no sense, so hypocrites need not apply as we're seeking to add legitimate friends only thanks.

  • Placement - our PSXHAX Friends block appears in the side margin of our main page, all article pages and forum discussion pages so we expect the same prominent (close to or above the page fold) and widespread coverage from you in return... footer links or single pages won't work in this case.

  • Social Media - at this time, the invitation is intended for blogs / forums / sites and not Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc accounts. In the future we may look into similar possibilities with social media though!
That's about it for the moment, and here's to looking forward to becoming friends with other blogs / forums / sites from around the globe! :D
PSXHAX.COM Invites Affiliates to Join Our New Friends SideBlock.jpg


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.
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