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Which PS4 Firmware Version Are You Currently On?

  • 5.00+

  • 4.74

  • 4.73

  • 4.72

  • 4.71

  • 4.70

  • 4.55

  • 4.50

  • 4.07

  • 4.06

  • 4.05

  • 4.01

  • 4.00

  • 3.70

  • 3.55

  • 3.50

  • 3.15

  • 3.11

  • 3.10

  • 3.00

  • 2.57

  • 2.56

  • 2.55

  • 2.52

  • 2.51

  • 2.50

  • 2.04

  • 2.03

  • 2.02

  • 2.01

  • 2.00

  • 1.76 (or below)

  • Other (unlisted incremental version)

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Most have known for quite some time that private / unreleased exploits exist in PS4 developer circles, which brings the question if / when one becomes public... how usable will it be to most sceners? :unsure:

:poll: Today's Site Poll question is quite simply: Which PS4 Firmware Version Are You Currently On?

We've set up the poll to accommodate choices from 1.76 to Sony's current 4.74 OFW and included an option for Nobunaga 5.0 Beta Firmware also.

Cast your VOTE and share any feedback or thoughts in the comments below! :D

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Senior Member
Ps4 on 4.74, soon I will update to 5.0;
I'm playin selected exclusive,
I'm still on 2.57 because I'm still waiting for an exclusive PS4 title that worths 60-70€.

In the meantime I'm playing so many 0 days games on my PC and when I'm comparing the so ugly version of those games on PS4 / PS4 PRO I wonder if I will plug again my PS4 to my TV ?


BGA Reworking
Two 1.76's that both need reballs, will be doing that today after seeing the KOTF news :) They've been sitting in the closet for a long time...


Senior Member
I thought I was on 4.50, but turns out it was actually 4.07.

Anyway I ended up going all the way to 5.0 so I guess no backups for me for a loooong time or never


Senior Member
Raising this from the dead...
Now with 5.0X exploit, I'd like to see some feedback on who's using what and confirm stability of each FW
As for me I'm on a PS4Pro 4.55 via exploit ESP8266 Firmware 2in1 for 4.55/5.05 by Keeperdy
Spoofing most <4.55 seems to do the trick with most new with no issues or crashes to report

forgot to mention my Phat is on 1.76.. no exploit loaded just collecting dust from when I learned the exploit existed

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