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While it's not PS4 Firmware 5.0 just yet, following their last update today Sony released PS4 System Software / Firmware 4.74 featuring 'improved performance' once again. :X3:

:alert: If you are in Sony's PS4 Beta program, be sure to read HERE if you didn't receive the notice directly from Sony before updating to v4.74 OFW from PS4 5.00 Beta 5!

Download: PS4 Firmware 4.74 Update (US) / PS4 Firmware 4.74 Update (EU) / PS4 Firmware 4.74 Update (UK) / PS4 Firmware 4.74 Update (AU/NZ) / PS4 Firmware 4.74 Update (JP) / PS4 Firmware 4.74 Update (Mirrors)

About PlayStation 4 system software version 4.74

Main features in version 4.74 update
  • This system software update improves system performance.
As the PlayStation 4 scene awaits further word on the rumored 4.73 exploits of Synergy (since confirmed to be fake) and the purported Canis CFW via kiwidog (aka diwidog or @KIWIDOGGIE) who wrote the Native Linux / PS4 Development on Windows Tutorial, according to @HydrogenNGU on Twitter, PSProxy will also be getting an update soon for those interested.

Cheers to @B7U3 C50SS, @Bultra, @DarkElementPL, @ItsGlitcherz and @romantizma in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the heads-up this morning! :coffee:
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they are testing 5.0 but couldnt wait till it releases for such "performance" update.

I bet they just found some major flaw and wanted it fixed asap
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