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Last weekend we saw a glimpse of PS4 homebrew in the form of a screenshot, and following his previous work today PlayStation 4 developer BigBoss shared a video clip stating "No comments :openedeyewink:" while briefly demonstrating it in action! :notworthy:

To launch it on a jailbroken PS4 1.76 console he used the recently documented Playroom method, which is similar to what PS4 scene release group Knights of the Fallen (KOTF) also outline in their NFO files.

Below are some recent Tweets for those following along, including some new PS4 Keys added to the Dev Wiki as pointed out by @HydrogenNGU:
Thanks to @LightningMods for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox tonight, here's to hoping a PS4 CFW and MultiMAN PS4 port follow suit as PlayStation 4 development progresses! :lovewins:
First PS4 Homebrew Demo Video on 1.76 Firmware by BigBoss.jpg
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Synergy announced on reddit that he will be releasing 4.x.x exploit in next 48 hours. If that turns out true, we can hope for cfw and game backups on higher fws (y)


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I'm on 4.74, if this is a true, I will not update to 5.0;
Or may be some of hackers r waiting for 5.0 firmware for finding major vulnerabilities.


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It's to many time all people tell have a kernel exploit on 4.x.x but not release.

I'm upgrade to 4.74 , if the exploit get out I buy I'm happy, but i'm not sure, It's more than year that exist a kernel exploit 4.x.x but It's only for private!
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