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If the world-famous PSXHAX Shoutbox doesn't satisfy your appetite for abuse, boredom cures, drama, emojis, funny sh!t, memes and scene luvins... recently @VultraAID and @Lucii set up a PSXHAX Discord Server that utilizes's voice and text chatting with a bunch of rooms from announcements to global news to PlayStation 4 help and also serious cat PS4 development discussion. (y)

We currently have the Discord widget integrated into the sidebar which is visible when Logged In for Registered PSXHAX.COM (or users.

Back before the pound sign was referred to as a hashtag we used to do hilarious phone pranks via mIRC on EFnet, and although these days I no longer have the time (nor mic) to join in the fun I'll still hop on the PSXHAX Discord Server a few times a week to send sh0utz and gr33tz to whoever is idling there. :D


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@VultraAID your '24 Hour Instant Link' in the OP is dead, maybe remove it and just keep the Infinity one? :)

Also when logged into our site you will now see a sidebar widget for the Discord PSXHAX chat room channel. ;)

After doing some research, it appears that Discord no longer allows embedding their actual chat rooms as an IFRAME due to clickjacking (via Stanislav) security issues.

Also to quote from Cilantrelle of Discord:"Hey tr1age, we went ahead and disabled iframe implementation due to possible security issues. Sorry about that."

Apparently users can VOTE for a Discord Chat Widget but that's about it at the moment. :(

Someone posted this Discord Widget GIT (Demo here: which is essentially what we have in our sidebar now... it only shows the number of users online with an option to connect, but won't show the actual chat itself.

In my digging, I also ran across this DiscordAuthorizer which is essentially the Discord Paid Plug-in that includes the required Xenforo files so I installed it, however, it's currently disabled.

Here is a picture of what it does in Xenforo's CP, if that helps any:

Discord Authorizer Addon.png

I'm not sure where we can go from here with Discord at the moment, perhaps we could look into other alternatives (as we previously discussed) but what would help me is knowing exactly which features Discord offers that our current TaigaChat doesn't.

So far I know someone mentioned multiple chatrooms (for normal users and developers) but TaigaChat Pro does offer that if I upgraded... anything else needed that Discord offers?
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