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One of the countless handy features of Xenforo is the ability to better-secure your account with what's known as Two-Step Verification.

After logging in to PSXHAX, you can visit your account's Two-Step Verification page and add a verification code using an app on your phone or email if you prefer.

Here is what Xenforo has to say about it: "Two-step verification increases the security of your account by requiring you to provide an additional code to complete the login process. If your password is ever compromised, this verification will help prevent unauthorized access to your account."

It may seem a little inconvenient at first, but you only have to authenticate once every 30 days so not too shabby considering the increase in online hacking during recent years.

And there ya have it, the PSXHACKS tip 'o' the day (TOTD for short :p)


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