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Since my PSXLink App to download PS4 Game Update PKGs and Firmware directly from $ony's servers comes this simple PSXTransfer App based on PSX Download Helper by KOPElan (PSX DH Guide) with 3 differences:
  1. This program is for Windows, Linux, Mac
  2. Auto Find Data Without Need to Add every Game Folder (in PSXDownloadHelper you must add only one folder for transfer data not multiple)
  3. Single Log for Every Link
If you you want use this program for personal use you can use it for free (source or compiled program), but if you want to use it as a commerce (earn money from using or sell this program, specially if you live in iran) you don't have permission for that unless you pay the developer.

Download: (23.81 MB - Includes PSXTransfer.exe - Linux / Mac / Windows x86 and x64) / Github (Password: Rasoulia)

Spoiler: Depreciated

PSXTransfer App Transfer Data from PC to PS4  PS5 Consoles by Rasoulia.jpg


Thanks to psxhax for approve it. there are 2 main different in psxdownloader and psxtransfer:

1. i changed the name of program since psxdownloader is similar to psxdownloadhelper and if people search about psxdownloader redirect it to psxdownloadhelper and it's not good.

2-1. I redesign the program so now there is no need to press save button or connect button to program work. when you run program it's automatically connected to your system ip address.

2-2. and i fix the problem for adding 1 part game to database. you just need to click update database and then wait a couple seconds and after it's say Database Updated you can use this program for transfer data.
if you have digital license of any games then you can download games in your pc and anytime you want transfer it to your console from pc so you don't have to download games every time you want.

download once and transfer it any times you want (you have downloaded latest update when you want transfer data , if you want update links you can use my PSXLink program)