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Many may remember the excellent voice guide by @MODDEDWARFARE on getting free PS4 1.76 trial / demo games, well today he kicked things up a notch with a follow-up video tutorial on his YouTube Channel for running free full games for jailbroken PS4 console owners. <3

He clarifies this comparison (using a disc-based donor / launcher instead of the Playroom trial) in the first few minutes of the video below, and from the video's caption to quote: How to Run Free Full Games on a 1.76 PS4

How to fully run free/backup copied games on a 1.76 PS4 without the game disc.

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Running Free FULL Games on a 1.76 PS4 Guide by Modded Warfare.jpg



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Are enough people who have kept the console at 1.76, or you can find to buy PS4, that have 1.76 but the price is expensive. To the downgrade, there is a long way to go.....


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While it's a possibility, hopefully by then an even less convoluted method or homebrew app to launch backups from the PS4 UI will be available. :geek:


Someone could explain me how to compile the payload for the last of us by myself? the only disc game I currently own :p

Or is there any source code for the released payloads I can have a look at?
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