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Following the PS4 JailBreak ROP Tool release yesterday and many PS4 WebKit Crash videos, today PlayStation 4 developer @SilicaAndPina ran across another which she linked on her page as a proof-of-concept with a demo below! :closedeyesmile:

Not to be confused with the PlayStation 4 3.55 code execution PS4 HENkaku Exploit, to give the PS4 Web Browser Crash a try, simply:
  • Navigate to on your PS4 (similar PS4 browser test page located at and also
  • Click on the 'Crash The Browser (Ps4)' link (or run PSNS: from the PS4 browser)
  • Profit and post your results below if you're feeling froggy :D
There are also some DEX (Debug) PlayStation Store launchers on the page too for those with a Developer PS Vita or PS4 console.

Below are some related Tweets from SilicaAndPina, and also check out her Silica YouTube Channel for a lot of other kewl demonstration videos. :happyblush

PS: If you haven't done so already, check out the SPOILER near the bottom of THIS article for a plethora of useful PlayStation file download links from her as well! (y)

Thanks to @PS4HELPER123 for the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox!
SilicaAndPina PS4 Web Browser Crash Webpage HENkaku4tk.jpg



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It better be darn good proof.. legit. Because after all...


Yeah i will Do... Think about it... Any other Web Crash will come up with "Not Enough System Memory" <- That is a Crash on the other hand the video he made Only Closes down the browser but then Probably opens up PSN Store As this Command "PSNS:" From the browser is intended to load UP PS Store on either PS4 or PSVITA


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Is it even a real crash? For me it's just like it won't open PSN store and that's it. Not a real crash.

Pretty useless like vultraaid and theorywrong mentioned.
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