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According to kasual7, Sony recently sent out a survey asking for feedback from PS4 players ahead of the PS5 Launch late next year. 🤔

The questionnaire states: Tell us about your time with PS4 - We want to hear from you so we can keep making things great For The Players.

We hope you've enjoyed exploring new worlds, competing against the best players online, teaming up with your friends and making new ones.

Personally I'd like to see Sony remove the ridiculous PS Plus time limit restriction for downloading newly added games. (n)

I understand the need for companies to stay with the times moving towards subscription-based services, but it's not cool to take away stuff that subscribers are continuing to pay for... the same absurd tactic Netflix is also guilty of. 🤬

:poll: As we didn't get a survey invite, let us know in the comments below a feature you would add, change or improve upon for PlayStation 5. (y)

Sony Asks PS4 Players for Feedback Ahead of PS5 Launch Next Year.jpg


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