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Since his PS4 NamedObj Kernel Exploit Strategy Overview PlayStation 4 developer SpecterDev shared a progress update on the PS4 v4.05 kernel exploit today with a release expected to arrive in coming weeks. :D

This comes following the recent PS4 4.01 / 4.05 Code Execution proof-of-concept and of course the Adieu: PS4 Kernel Exploit for Firmware 4.05 documentation by the Fail0verflow Team.

Here's an excerpt from @SpecterDev via Wololo's recent interview, to quote:

Wololo: Speaking of your implementation, do you still plan on releasing it? If so, do you have a rough estimate of how far you are? What are the issues you’re dealing with when it comes to this implementation?

SpecterDev: Yes I do, I’m at that point of leaking a good object to ensure the exploit is stable. I do have a good object leaking as well as a trigger for code execution, it’s just a matter of how practical it is to implement into the exploit, which I am currently testing now. After I know the object can be used effectively in the exploit, things get much easier. I hope to get a release out soon (within the next week or so) – I’ve just been busy with real life stuff so with the exception of weekends, I don’t have a lot of time to work on the exploit during the week.

I’ll also be publishing a write-up for the kernel exploit when it is ready, in it I’ll break down how the exploit works step by step. My hope is it will not only be a nice read for security researchers interested in the PS4, but will also give those in the community without a background in infosec a bit more information on how big releases involving kernel exploits work behind the scenes. Maybe it will inspire some to look into software security where they otherwise would not have :veryhappy:

Here's looking forward to his PlayStation 4 v4.05 Kernel Exploit release in the next week or so alongside the related documentation for other PS4 developers to examine and put to good use for the scene! :fire:
Thanks to both @hyndrid and @Plankton for the heads-up on this PS4 v4.05 OFW progress update in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! (y)
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Last I heard I think he was temporarily at a standstill or busy, possibly due to work or the holidays etc... here's to hoping we'll hear more soon. :love:

Update: Here's a few more brief updates from Specter on Discord chat:


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