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Here is my PS3 OFW BD Mirror FIX tutorial for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, geared towards those who already tried checking the downgradable PS3 models and PS3 CFW FAQ with no luck, and decided to try one of the more recent PS3 Data Transfer Utility (DTU) / Backup Injection / Conversion methods.

Error-output with usual method:
How to fix? On CFW, just enable BD-mirror or use cobra, but what about OFW??

  1. The untouched game (i.e.: BLES01766-[Splinter.Cell-Blacklist])
  2. The official game-update (i.e.: EP0001-BLES01766_00-BLEFIGSNLSCNPOBR-A0103-V0100-PE_fw43000.00.pkg)
    1. BLES01878 [RU]
    2. BLUS31025 [US]
    3. BLES01766 [EU]
  3. PS3GameConvert_v0.9.exe / PS3GameConvert_v0.91.rar
Downside of this workaround:

Your game will fill up the DOUBLE amount of memory on hdd


For getting game-updates, use ps3tools' gameupdater. To get the right GAMEID you can check the PARAM.SFO of your game with ps3tools' SFO-Editor: i.e. BLES01878, BLUS31025, BLES01766

I'm gonna take BLES01766 for this tut...

  1. Do the usual Method and convert the original game with PS3GameConvert_v0.9.exe by using the proper game-update corresponding to your GAMEID EP0001-BLES01766_00-BLEFIGSNLSCNPOBR-A0103-V0100-PE_fw43000.00.pkg

    Output is:

  2. Open the original game-folder: i.e. BLES01766-[Splinter.Cell-Blacklist]\PS3_GAME\USRDIR

  3. Now mark the following to copy:
    1. Default [yes the complete folder]
    2. UplayMediaJP.dat
    3. UplayMedia.dat
    4. UplayBrowser.ppu.dat
    5. _hdd.layout
    6. version.ini
    7. UplayBrowser.ppu.self

  4. Goto to the converted-game-output-folder. open BLES01766\USRDIR and paste everything here. THERE SHOULD BE NO FILES TO OVERWRITE.
    BLES01766\USRDIR before paste:

    BLES01766\USRDIR after paste:

  5. Proceed as usual: transfer both folders to CFW dev_hdd0/game, rebuild database, enjoy, DataTransfer to OFW, profit...

  6. Find all posts from Blade, and hit the like button :)
Hope these infos are just as golden to someone as to me :p


P.S.: Also sorry for my noobish english


1) I'm quite sure using the KDW method for step 1 is also ok
2) You need the FULL GAME, i.e.: the russian version sent to me missed a lot of files
3) The files need to be untouched, no modified, fixed or whatsoever
Splinter Cell Blacklist PS3 OFW BD Mirror FIX Tutorial by Blade.jpg
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Of course, two users above confirmed it works and seemed quite happy with the results... I'll mainpage it shortly so that it will reach (and hopefully help) more people (y)


Of course, two users above confirmed it works and seemed quite happy with the results... I'll mainpage it shortly so that it will reach (and hopefully help) more people (y)
Thank you very much.

Could you please rename the thread title again master?
The word "blacklist" got lost. Its the name of the game: "Splinter Cell - Blacklist".

If you need a name for the fix, we could name it [OFW][BD-Mirror-FIX] if you want, because basicly this is the OFW-way for fixing BD-Mirror games.

So kind of you <3 I added the Game-Update-Links for the different versions :)

EDIT: LOL you already did it. Faster than a bolt @PSXHAX


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I was probably in the process of editing it, the game name is correct now though. I will add our usual introduction sentence or two that leads into your guide and then put it live. :thumbup:


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I wrote a little Windows script: BladeMenu:

Its a simple batch script to toggle between "preconfigured Static IP & DNS" and "Dynamically".
If you ever decide to share it publicly I can mainpage that also, what's useless for one person is useful to another... as they say one man's trash is another man's treasure! :notworthy:

For what it's worth though... I've seen people release simpler scripts and batch files :cool:
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