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Patryck Leite

Following the PS4 Games Over LAN with XBSLink Guide and Local PS4 Cooperative And Multiplayer Games List spreadsheet, our Brazilian group discovered that the Switch LAN Play utility by spacemeowx2 (aka imspace) also works for PS4 LAN Play with a video tutorial below for those interested.

Download: LAN Play (Linux / Win32 / Win64) / / GIT

Here are our team's channels:

Software updated on 10/25/2018
New servers
Disable the Windows firewall and A/V by preference to prevent errors.

IMPORTANT: The program has been updated, now just open the Servers.bat file which will give you the options of server to choose, not having to type or copy and paste more, if you prefer, the steps below are still valid in this case.

1 - First install the WinPcap of the selected PACK (32 or 64 bits)
2 - Open the lan-play program interface on the computer (according to the installed system, 32 bits or 64 bits)
3 - Select the server your preference
4 - Select the network card used for internet access (wired or wireless), must be connected to the same network where the PS4 is
5 - Go to the PS4 and make the settings below

Edit the connection of your wifi or wired network that already exists in PS4 to Fixed IP and put the data below:

a. IP: Manual
b. IP Address: Choose an IP IP MUST BE SOMETHING BETWEEN and


The last two groups can be varied to avoid conflict with other players, respecting only the limit from 1 to 254, ex.

c. Subnet Mask: (ALWAYS KEEP THIS)
e. Primary DNS: (Al Azif)
f. Secondary DNS: (Al Azif)

Whenever you turn on / restart the PS4 first open the Lan Play, connect to the server of your choice and select the card used for the connection, and then go to the PS4 that will already be configured and select TEST CONNECTION, so that the Lan Play starts capturing the data from the PS4.

Give preference to wired connections, as it will always be more stable, the program interacts with the PS4 by capturing the packets from the same connected network and redirecting traffic to the server.


Server 1: ,, ,US-West CA, ,online,
Server 2: ,, ,US-Northwest WA, ,online,
Server 3: ,, ,US-central, ,online,
Server 4: ,, ,EU-(UK), ,online,
Server 5: ,, ,EU-(UK), ,online,
Server 6: ,, ,EU-(UK), ,online,
Server 7: ,, ,EU-(UK), ,online,
Server 8: ,, ,EU-(Spain), ,online,
Server 9: ,, ,EU-(Germany), ,online,
Server 10:,, ,EU-(France), ,online,
Server 11:,, ,Korea, ,online,
Server 12:,, ,EU-(UK), ,online,
Server 13:,, ,Brasil, ,online,
Server 14:,, ,Brasil-(Oficial), ,online,
Server 15:,, ,Chile-(Bladimir), ,online,
Server 16:,, ,Retrogamer, ,online,


Also following his last post from RetroGamer74 comes what he calls a Super LAN Play service.

Based on Switch LAN Play as was also discovered by Patryck Leite, this service is available for Nintendo Switch and today released for PS4.


With this service you will be able to join to our server, take a look to the people connected, take a look the people playing, what are they playing, join to matches and more things.

The service is multilanguage, but we're still working on this to show you a drop down list if you want to force to change the language.


Just go to, select your desired platform to play, and then go to the Settings option. There you will see the TCP/IP setup you will be required to set to your console to avoid download any firmware, or update or whatever.

These DNS IP's are already used in servers for further protection.

Once your device has been setup , the you have to run the client. In the same settings window you see there are 2 clients available, for Windows, and Mac. Download the one you want, and just launch it. Select to connect to the platform you want.

You're ready to go. Go to your PlayStation and enjoy.

I just did a video talking about this. Enjoy!!!



The first person to do this was a Brazilian called @Patryck Leite. They were in the group of WhatsApp and he passed us. You have to tell the truth. We Brazilians deserve credit. Friend Patrick was the founder. :tup:
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