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Following his Final Fantasy XV PS4 GameSave, this weekend @HydrogenNGU shared some PlayStation 4 Game Saves for use with Xploder, including both a Tekken 7 Platinum (USA) and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Platinum (USA) Gamesave. :)

Download: Tekken 7 GameSave / Tom Clancy Wildlands GameSave

On NGU for both PS4 Platinum GameSaves he states the following to quote:

"I know you can already resign game saves, but they have to be in the supported list by Xploder. If you own Xploder, and if this is on the list, have fun with the platinum my dude."

There is also an ongoing NGU compilation list for PlayStation 4 Game Saves by Frosty, although currently it doesn't include Xploder GameSaves yet.

Finally, if anyone here at PSXHAX wants to start a dedicated thread for PS4 GameSaves feel free and we'll give you the necessary permissions to edit and update it accordingly! ;)

Tekken 7 and Wildlands PS4 GameSaves for Xploder by HydrogenNGU.jpg



Senior Member
Wow so you're saying i grinded for that plat for wildlands which was so booking bad now someone could get it in 3 secs WTF RIP

Nino Z

Senior Member
To each his own - cheating was always an option in the past and it should still be one, but game DEVs just stopped offering it. It's not like anyone is comparing trophies. They are for you - to look at and enjoy one way or another. As long as you don't cheat in multiplayer games and ruin other people's fun I say to you - cheat away! More power to you.