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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter RetroGamer74       Start date May 3, 2018 at 4:06 AM       32,007       78      
Thanks for sharing Unity. I'm in :)

A sneak peak compilation demo video is below. Also here is ALPHA-V2.pkg (NPXS29111-app.rar) from LightningMods followed by v3-455.pkg (4.55) Alpha-V3.pkg (5.05) with changes outlined below and a Fake Version Patch by jocover as Unity 2017.2.0p2 requires 4.70 minimum.

Looking forward to seeing a lot more PS4 Homebrew coming soon for PS4 HEN with the recent Unity leak.


ALPHA-V2.pkg (341 MB)
MD5: 0845DF0E444B9318219A08711BB0335A

  • File manager (touch pad only)
  • Page 2
  • Video Player with home button
  • Video Player Options
  • File manager OverLay
  • FTP Server Start (unavailable)
  • Sonic W.I.P
  • Video Player USB Compatibility (Disabled for V2)
  • Local Web Server (Just a PoC so it wont show a page but will show IP and Port)
  • Will pick a RANDOM OPEN PORT
ALPHA V2 Known Issues
  • Roll-a-Bal controls need to be fixed
  • File manager is Touch Pad only
  • File manager is SANDBOXED (will be unjailed in future release)
  • Local Web Server shows error because it cant find Index

Me, x41, ZeraTron_

ALPHA V3 HOMEBREW For PS4 (4.55 / 5.05)
  • v3-455.pkg (4.55)
  • Alpha-V3.pkg (5.05 - MD5: 101732493715DE9913831F9B3630C0EE)
  • ONLY Works for 5.00+
  • Unjailed
  • Video Player with USB Support
  • Broken GameBoy Emu
  • Added more Bugs to fix later
Spoiler: Some Unity Leak Tweets

Asynchronous - Test Concept - RetroGamer
:arrow: Update: For those seeking a UnityTools v1.0 compiled build for PS Vita and interested in removing the PS4 Unity 'Trial' watermark:

Download: UnityTools.exe / GIT / / GIT

From the UnityTools

Tools for Making it easier to get games created with Unity for PSVita games to run on HENKAKU..


-i Input DIR
-o output DIR
-f Fix the "Unsafe homebrew" bug (that prevents the game from launching if unsafe homebrew is enabled)
-u Remove the "trial version" watermark caused by development build in the bottom right corner
-r Remove unused files from your build
-p Pack to "PC HOSTED" builds to .VPK
-d Remove input directory after packing into .vpk
Also, after building a "PC HOSTED" application with UNITY. you can just drag n drop the folder onto the application and it will run: -f -u -r -p -d on it.

And from the other, to quote: Unity-PS4-UnWatermark

This Python Script removes the "Trial" Watermark out of ANY PS4 Unity Project

How To Use
  1. Install Python
  2. (Optional) Create a Python3 folder in C:\
  3. (Optional) copy everything from C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36 to C:\Python3
  4. Put on your Dekstop
  5. Open Control Prompt as Admin
  6. type in this C:\Python3\python.exe C:\Users\Username\Desktop\ -i EBOOT_LOCATION -o EBOOT_LOCATION -u
  7. After its done the Watermark is removed
  8. Profit??
Credits: Me (LM) SiIicaAndPina


Unity PS4 HEN Compilation Demo by RetroGamer74.jpg



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I'm sorry, I can't be of much help, but that definitely sounds interesting. Best of luck!


Hi, @RetroGamer74 i have find myself PS4 support for Unity 2018.2, but how i can determine what is the dev kit version used by this support ?

(i have some screens if you want proofs but idk why i can't put theses screens into this thread)


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The image host may be craplisted, try one that supports embedding images directly such as, then add them to a post using the following code example:


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@Dylan57richem Hi, great to hear about Unity 2018.2 with PS4 Support. That's cool. Can you share it? Even you use a new Unity, you can specify in Compilation Options, the dev kit release you want to use to build the apps. It should be compatible.


@RetroGamer74 Yes of course, tomorrow i'll send you a MP with all links (because i have find Unity support for PS3 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One & PPS Vita :D). And if you want i can tell you the method for how to get links (but i have find the method myself and i don't want to publish that because else we can't get news link into the future)

I don't have tried to build with 2018 but i'll try for see if we can use 4.50 ;)

Else @PSXHAX i have tried that. But it don't work, it said an error message and the page go to main page.


@RetroGamer74 I actually work for a understable pastebin with support / installers for PS Vita / PS4 / Xbox One & old gen (if pastebin can't publish the .txt i create, i'll upload my links on TextUp so please some minutes and i'll put the text link here)
I have tried to build a sample project, with official *** 4.50 and it said errors, so i have changed the version in file sdk_version.h by 0x05008051u and i have replaced officials tools by Fake PKG Generator tools v3.12 [because it need this version for compile the game with Unity 2018.2] and all is good ;) i have files for build the PKG

Some screenshots ;



@RetroGamer74 i have finished ;) here's the pastebin for Unity support for PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PS VITA / PS3 & Xbox 360 :)


Some versions is not same for all consoles but if you want install just a version of Unity, i recommend the 2018.2.0 Beta 3 because this version is supported by PS4 / Xbox One & Switch. I can't get same version for all consoles because my method is hidden links.

I hope it will help everyone :) if you want, you can add my method above for compile a PS4 game in 2018.2 with 4.50 *** :D


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@Dylan57richem Wow dude thank you very much. I will try this also for SWITCH!!!!

I'm gonna try to rebuild some of my projects with this new release to keep the version ready for anything :)

Then I will try also with SWITCH.

Well done BRO!!! I can not start a conversation with you. Don't know why? @PSXHAX is that a common issue?



@RetroGamer74 i hope it will useful for some persons ;) for Switch, the support pack is good but maybe you must have a *** like PS4 and for this i can't help you i have only PS3 & PS4 ***.

I can tell you the method i use for obtains theses links (but not in public, because else in the future we can't get links) but with my method you can't obtain support pack for same version of Unity for all consoles it's why PS VITA have a support pack of different version compared others next-gen, but you can install many versions of Unity into your PC so it's not really a problem.

Else yeah, i have noticed this bug with private message, i don't why i can't send a private message, you or @PSXHAX even others members it's impossible.