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If you're seeking to add a custom VPK livearea background image or icon then check out PS Vita developer qberty's (Twitter) multi-platform VPK Editor 1.2 which also supports MaiDump dumps with the changes below. :veryhappy:

VPK Editor 1.2 downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux and Linux 64 are available from Qberty's Blog, and to quote on the latest VPK Editor 1.2 update and current features:

PS Vita VPK Editor [UPDATE 1.2]

Hey there folks, I decided to make a simple cross-platform application to help users modify their VPK files thematically. My VPK Editor was designed to help you change up the graphic assets of your VPK’s livearea/icon.

  • Opens any VPK file designed for the PS Vita
  • Let’s you change the icon, the livearea icon, and the livearea background image
  • Automatically converts the images (from JPEG or PNG) to the correct bit-depth (8 bit) supported by the PS Vita
  • Mai Dump ZIP support

Version 1.2
  • Fixed squared window bug. (uses a widescreen friendly window size)
  • Added basic support for modifying the template XML
Version 1.1
  • Added Mai Dump ZIP support. You can now change the graphics of VPK’s and Dumps!
If there’s enough interest, I’ll continue to work on adding more features to it (like editing the template.xml with your own text).
VPK Editor 1.2 & MaiDump PS Vita BG Image  Icon Editor by Qberty.png