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1. Mortal Kombat 2 Snes. Back in the mid 90's we would have beer parties and I spent upwards of 9-11 continuous hours playing against challengers. My fingers would be swollen and purple the next day but I was almost unbeatable. Much glory to be had with a big crowd watching on the old theatervision screen.

2. Warioware Smooth Moves Wii. I just loved how fast and fun this game was. Many nights of arm flapping idiocy trying to beat levels.

3. Star Fox Snes. Semi-mindless fun. I loved to just jump in and play. Was obsessed with the secret slot machine level having some deeper meaning.

4. Final Fantasy 2 Snes. Full of surprises, hours of game play. The dark world was a hug surprise.

5. Pilotwings Snes. This game drove me nuts but I loved it. Trying to land the hang glider was my nemesis.


Those are my favorite games:
Yo Noid!, NES
Donkey Kong Country 2, SNES
Mario Kart 64, N64
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, GC
Captain Toad, WiiU
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