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PS4 Hacker CTurt Stops Further PlayStation 4 Hacking Research
Following the PS4 Kernel Exploit, today PlayStation 4 developer CTurt announced he plans to completely stop further PS4 research. This news comes just prior to him sharing an article outlining...
PS4 Kernel Exploit Root FS Dump and List of PIDs
Hello, following his last update, today PlayStation 4 developer CTurt has posted new infos about the PS4 root FS and a list of PIDs :) Download: gistfile1.txt / GIT
PS4 is Officially Jailbroken, CTurt Confirms RAM Dumping & More!
Following the previous update, PlayStation 4 developer CTurt has now confirmed the PS4 is officially jailbroken via PS4 Kernel Exploits with the ability to dump system RAM and more below...
PS4 Kernel Exploit Confirmed by Developer CTurt, No JailBreak Yet
Following the initial news and follow-up, today PlayStation 4 developer CTurt confirmed news of a PS4 Kernel Exploit via Twitter! :tup: While this is fan-freaking-tastic news, keep in mind this...

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